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10 Highest Paying Adsense Alternatives 2022 (With Payment Proof)

Are you looking for the best AdSense alternatives? Don’t worry we have got the list of best alternatives to AdSense fully prepare for you.

Was your AdSense application rejected? Or, are you trying to test another alternative along with the AdSense? Anyways, for both of the cases, we have 10 best AdSense alternatives to check out and increase your earnings (with payment proof).

best alternatives to adsense

For those whose AdSense application was rejected, though we do have the best AdSense alternatives in the list and you can use them for your website. However, if you can fulfill the cause why AdSense rejected your website then it would help a lot for the self-improvement.

So I recommend you to also fix those issues and you can also read this awesome article by Ammar Ali about the AdSense approval guide.

Anyways, our main topic is still about the alternatives to AdSense and also we will have to figure out which one is the highest paying AdSense alternative.

Why Do You Need an Alternative?

We know AdSense is the best ad provider on today’s date but sometimes best is not always best. What I really mean is sometimes AdSense might not suit you.

The case might be AdSense rejected your website, your niche doesn’t produce much revenue with AdSense and the main, AdSense can suspend your account anytime.

So, in order to prevent the loss in case of AdSense suspension you must use other AdSense substitutes also.

I have seen many bloggers who used to display the AdSense ads on their blogs but AdSense suspended their blog by saying they’ve violated AdSense terms & conditions.

Now, what will they do? They will also reject the AdSense and look after the best AdSense alternatives and this post is especially for them.

Look what people have to say about replacing the AdSense

Adsense Peace

I know most of the Google AdSense rules are great and helps to ensure the quality to users but few of them are just as show off.

Since the time is passing and they’re the leading ad distributor in the market, they have started to be more strict with the website owners with some very crazy policies.

So, it is necessary to replace the AdSense or use other alternatives along with the AdSense as the insurance to future.

Does it Harm AdSense By Using Alternative

No, it doesn’t harm AdSense account if you use any sort of AdSense alternative. Unless that ad distributor has malware codes or harmful viruses. Rather it can increase your revenue,

However, if you’re trying to get approval for AdSense again then I’ll recommend you to remove all ads and make website clean. This increases the chances of your approval.

Anyways, since we’re searching for the alternatives to AdSense you can use multiple publishers program at the single website at a time.

Best AdSense Alternatives – Best Alternatives to Adsense

Ok since the whole article is about this, we’ve finally come to the main point. Believe me or not but there are way too many AdSense alternatives you’ll get tired of testing. Here in this list, we’ve only mentioned the best AdSense alternatives only.


Meida.Net also known as the Yahoo Bing Contextual Ad Network is the best AdSense alternative among all. If you’ve enough traffic from American countries like US & Canada then you may probably generate higher income than the AdSense. I’ve used MediaNet before and believe that, they are really good when it comes about the quality and revenue.

As MediaNet shows the contextual ads which means the ads get customized highly related to your article. Due to this your earning can be satisfying with high CTR. They also allow you to add their ads in the fixed sidebar which also increases your revenue which AdSense doesn’t allow to do.

Payment Method: Wire Transfer / Paypal

Minimum Payment Threshold: $100

Minimum Traffic: N/A payment proof
Payment Proof of Media.Net


“If you ever get selected by Mediavine without any wait kick AdSense out of your blog”, this is what I heard from the people using Mediavine. They have one of the fastest loading ads which are way too much faster than the AdSense ads. They also have some special publisher loyalty program to encourage the publishers. You would need a huge amount of organic traffic to be approved which means you should rank on top of Google.

Mediavine provides 70% of advertising share to publishers whereas AdSense provides only 68%. So, this will be the major advantage for you. Also, publishers who are well performing and satisfying the advertisers get extra 5% (75%) commission as the reward.

As per the publishers who use MediaVine. The revenue from Mediavine is way too higher than AdSense. But they don’t accept the websites focused on Asian countries such as Nepal, India, Pakistan etc. They approve the site only after seeing the full Google Analytics report of the site. In another word, getting approval to MediaVine is harder than approval in AdSense. Also, once you get enrolled in the Mediavine you cannot use other ad distributors on your site. That’s their policy.

Payment Method: Paypal

Minimum Payment Threshold: N/A

Minimum Traffic: 25,000/mo

Mediavine Payment Proof
MediaVine Earning Reports


Without a doubt, Infolinks is the best AdSense substitute but it is completely different than the AdSense. In AdSense, we can add ads to our desired area whereas in Infolinks you have to select the ad types and ads will automatically be shown. This might be taken as advantage and disadvantage both.

Anyways, as per the user experience, Infolinks need a very high amount of US traffic from search engines in order to make a decent income. As per them, they give 70% of ad revenue to the publishers. They provide inText, inFrame, inSearch, and inTag ad types. However, your website must be in English and getting approval is comparatively easy.

Payment Method: PayPal, wire, eCheque, Western Union, ACH

Minimum Payment Threshold: $50

Minimum Traffic Required: N/A

Infolinks Payment Proof
Infolinks Payment Proof

Amazon Native Ads

There’s not a person online who haven’t heard about Amazon but do you know, the world’s largest online shopping portal also has its ad platform. I know, many of you might’ve already joined their affiliate program since it is one of the world’s most popular affiliate program.

However, Amazon Native Ads is not like any other CPM networks. Here, you need to make an actual sale to earn money from it. You usually earn same as in amazon affiliate network. The thing that is actually special is Amazon native ads recommendation engine. It recommends people very relevant products related to the specific article.

Amazon Native ads are great. They show very high quality and very targeted ads on the basis of your chosen category. They have three types of ads: recommendation ads, search ads and custom ads.

Payment Method: Check/ Payoneer

Minimum Payment Threshold: $100

Minimum Traffic Required: N/A

Amazon Native Ads Earning Report
Amazon Native Ads Earning Report


If you are interested in some sort of Popup ads (though they have other formats too), Adversal is the #1 choice for you. Why? Because they’ve best popups ad in the market, their ad codes are designed in such a way that most of the popup blockers do not detect it. So, what does that means? This means that your income will be high because no one can ever block your ads.

Also, Adversal pays for each raw impression not per click/ visitor. What does this mean? This means that your income will be much high if you can drive in the more traffic compared to other media. Why? Because they focus on impressions, not on visitors/ click. Similarly, Adversal has 7 different ad types like Banner, Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle, Ministerial, Pop-under, Skyscraper, Wide Skyscraper which makes your earning go to the top.

Payment Method: Paypal, Check or Wire Transfer

Minimum Payout: $20

Minimum Traffic Required: N/A

Adversal Payment Proof
Adversal Payment Proof


Making its spot in the sixth spot Admaven is the best AdSense alternative for low traffic websites. This network mainly focuses on the pop-under ads and has one of the best pop-under ads in the business. Admaven also has other formats of payment too but pop-under ads are their signature. Admaven has a very good tracking system which assures that your readers only see the quality and targeted ads only.

Like that of Adversal, Admaven can also boost your revenue. How? Admaven also has developed very special codes for their ads which cannot be detected by most of the Pop-under ads blocker. So, this will give you up to 30% of earning boost. Admaven has following ad types. Pop-under ads, Pop-up banner ad, Slider ad, Interstitial ads, Lightbox ads, VPN banner.

Payment Method: Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer (Requires $1000 and $40 fees) & Bitcoin

Minimum Payout: $50 or $1000

Minimum Traffic Required: N/A

Admaven Income Report
Admaven Income Report


Unlike other alternatives of AdSense, Clicksor is a little different. Some networks are only PPC network, some are CPI networks and so on, but Clicksor has different types of ad formats as per the publishers’ requirement. Also, they do have different payout rates for different ad types. Take look at this one,

clicksor ad payments

Clicksor comes with various types of Ad-types. You can find the ad types picture above. Also, one of the great advantages of using Clicksor is that the language doesn’t matter. What does that mean? This means that no matter in which language your content is written in, you can get approval and start earning from the Clicksor.

Payment Method: Check, PayPal, Wire Transfer

Minimum Payout: $50

Minimum Traffic Required: N/A

Clicksor Payment Proof
Clicksor Payment Proof


This is the network that I used for the first time when I was rejected by the AdSense for the first time? So, how was the experience? Though the network is brilliant (i am honest) I didn’t even make $10 from Chitika. The reason? Because I didn’t have much traffic (2-3/day) and I was already in greed of making money from my website. But later I realized that I should focus on increasing my website content and started writing more and more articles.

So, again after using it when I was able to get sufficient amount of traffic then the earning was decent (not as much as AdSense). Chitika has only two ad types. They are Display (Banner ads) and In-line Text. I would recommend you to use Chitika only if you’ve decent traffic from search engine (North America recommended) and affiliate marketing doesn’t suit your website.

Payment Method: Check and PayPal

Minimum Payout: $10

Minimum Traffic Required: N/A

Chitika Payment Proof
Chitika Payment Proof

Revenue Hits

RevenueHits is another ad network that’s especially recommended for websites with low traffic or major traffic from places other than North America. According to Monetizepros, they give 2 billion impressions on ads every day. So, how does that help you? Since they have 2 billion ad views per day, you can be sure that their ads are relevant enough to convert into the dollars.

Two features that differentiate RevenueHits from its competitors are their free ad-block solution, which helps websites make up for the money they are losing when users have ad-blocking software on their browser. Also, They are committed to working with only clean ads, so you don’t need to worry that your visitors find ads for porn, hacking, gambling, and things like that on your website.

RevenueHits are Adsense alternatives that have many different ad types to help you earn more. Ad types include Display Banners, Pop-Ups/Unders, Buttons, Interstitials, as well as mobile-exclusive formats. This means you can choose among these various ad types for your websites which will obviously help increase your ad earnings.

Payment Method: PayPal, Wire, Payoneer

Minimum Payout: $20 for PayPal and Payoneer, $500 for Wire

Minimum Traffic Required: There is no traffic requirement, but it’s recommended to have 5,000 impressions per day.


Unlike AdSense Taboola has very easy and quick approval process. As soon as you apply, your application is reviewed shortly and then you are approved. This doesn’t mean that Taboola has low-quality ads. They just are grateful to their publishers and made these rules.

Taboola is not so strict. So, this means that you should not worry about rules breaking and all these shitty stuff. Taboola has Sponsored Content ads which means they’ll show sponsored content section. Taboola is used by leading companies like NYC, Forbes, BBC etc.

Payment Method: Direct Deposit via Payoneer.

Minimum Payout: N/A

Minimum Traffic Required: 500,000

Taboola Payment Proof

Which Adsense Alternative is the  Best Choice for You?

By comparing all the best alternatives to AdSense, we’ve chosen some best ones as per the publisher status. So, which one is the best suit for you? If you’re the publisher with more than 50,000 visitors per month then you might want to go with Mediavine.

They give you 70% of the ad revenue from the advertiser. Also, they’ve got very highly reputed and highly targeted advertisers in the business. Just follow their guidelines and apply and you’re ready to blast your account with tons of cash.

What if you’ve less traffic?

In this case, I would recommend you to go with MediaNet and Revenue Hits both. As per the people’s buzz in the forums, they believe that this combination helps to increase the earnings for the new website. Revenue Hits is a CPA website which pays even if the single action is completed and this will help a lot to the newbies.

Whereas, MediaNet is PPC ad network where you’ll earn on the basis of views and clicks of the ads. So, using these both together will help to give a significant rise to your earnings even without the AdSense.

However, if your site is related to cooking, gadgets or similar where your readers might be interested in products then Amazon Native Ads are great. I know it seems difficult to make sales but trust me, their ad’s recommendation engine is really cool. It recommends the exact products which your readers might be looking for.

Why only these adsense alternatives?

Honestly, there are more than 50+ google AdSense alternatives. However, we only listed only a few of them. The reason?

Well, the rest of the alternatives to AdSense were useless. There are networks like Bidvertiser which are known as best alternatives to AdSense. However, they are not.

They pay you so less that you can say you were never paid. The companies like them actually just display useless ads on your site which obviously slows down your website more than any other alternatives.

On average, on such networks, you can get paid around $10 for 100,000 ad impressions and 10,000 clicks. No matter how good your CTR is and what is your niche. This is what you will get.

If you use above mentioned AdSense alternatives, for the above mentioned stats you’ll easily make around $200-$300. However, still, it depends upon your niche.

Conclusion: Best AdSense Alternatives

There might be certain circumstances in which you should search for the AdSense alternatives but however, the truth is, none of the alternatives (really none) can give you the earnings as equal to the AdSense.

Earning might vary if you are in a different niche. In this case, you should really use an alternative. But if your niche makes a good amount in AdSense, I would recommend not to switch away from AdSense.

Instead, you can use AdSense and another alternative to AdSense together and increase your revenue and productivity. Find some cool most profitable AdSense niche to start your new project on.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words, Sajwal!
    My name is Jenny and I am the Marketing Associate for Mediavine.
    Our goal is to help digital content creators passively monetize their awesome content through display ads, and we aim to do this with ease to the publishers and without slowing down their sites.
    The Mediavine threshold to work with a site is 25k monthly sessions and we’re here to answer any questions at Our application process will automatically generate a report for 30 days of Google Analytics. We do this to ensure that our premium partners will bid on your site and we will be able to earn well for you. Below a certain amount of traffic, we know the earnings you’d receive from us aren’t worth compromising your user experience with ads.
    The same is true with the traffic sources–our partners don’t bid as highly on traffic from certain places in the world.
    We would never want to lock you into our 90-day Mediavine contract if we weren’t confident we would make you good money.
    We recently increased our minimum revenue share to 75%, with many of our publishers earning more, based on their monthly ad impressions.
    We’ll be looking for you in 2018!
    ~Jenny, Mediavine Marketing Associate

    1. Hello Jenny,
      Thanks for your presence on our site. I am sure your presence and guidance here will help a lot to the publishers who are planning to join Mediavine. Also, thanks for your info. I have made the necessary updates and answered questions in the description that come very first in the mind of the publisher before joining any ad network and in case if they didn’t find their answer here, I am fully assured that your team will assist them greatly.


    2. my website was banned by google Adsense because of bad ad placement, can i use Mediavine?
      contact me

  2. Thank you for sharing. I really like your post because your sharing all of advertisement network payment proof and also discuss about this perfectly.
    Thank your.

  3. I had to start using and infolinks when I got banned by AdSense for no genuine reason

    If you are not approved by AdSense or you have a problem with it, I advice you to use infolinks together with

  4. Ashish kumar says:

    Yup, I also tried gives more revenue as compared to Adsense, but when it comes to security reason is not so secured and not good reputed blogs, I feel it.

    1. Really? Why so? I know many reputed bloggers who use media net as an adsense alternative. I’ve heard many other concerns from different people about but never heard a security concern below. Please let me know so i can dig up the issue!

  5. AdSense is not the only way to earn from Ads and I think that is the best alternative and it also pays more than AdSense, I am with and after many rejections of AdSense, I have qualified on, I have earned more than $400 from here. Very thankful to you.

    1. You are absolutely correct! Adsense might offer slightly better rates for some countries than other ad medias but it doesn’t mean they are your only choice.

  6. I’m using Adsense for a long time, I also have an approved account. Can I use both? I’m just curious and I wanna test both Adsense and

    I want to get into Mediavine soon!

    1. Yes, you can use adsense with

      The site loading speed will increase (since you’ll have extra scripts running) other than that everything else should be good.

      You should indeed give a try!

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