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75 Best SEO Tools in 2022 for Marketers to Rank High

SEO has been one of the most important game for everyone working online. Everyone wants to score more than their opponent. I also want to. However, this is only possible by using best SEO tools in the market.

Everyone including me, are searching for best SEO tools so they can create best strategies to rank high on google. However, what we should consider is paid tool is not always the best tool. Sometimes free tools works better than the paid ones if used properly.

These are the SEO tools that doesn’t helps you to perform keyword research only. Since the term “SEO” doesn’t means keyword research only. This list of ours is not limited to do keyword research only. This has gone to next level including tools for keyword research, link building, marketing, analyzing, content ideas and everything that is needed to do proper SEO.

Top 75 Best SEO Tools of 2022

The tools listed below are the best SEO tools to use to rank on first page on 2022. Anyways, these tools may be free also and some might be very expensive to touch also. Anyways, we have mentioned and described enough tools for you to do good research.

Google Search Suggestions

Have you ever noticed the search suggestions that you get when you type some terms? Yeah, those are also keywords! Actually, these are the best keywords ever! You can find high quality fully relative longtail keywords which you need to pay hundreds of dollars if it was a premium tool.

Google Trends

Google Trend

The next free tool contributed to you and me by Big G. Here you can find the latest trends in Google search in the specific area. Which means you can also find the latest keywords which cannot be found anywhere. Also, these keywords tend to have less competition since they were newly been popular.

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the best free keyword research tool where you can find monthly volume, competition, CPC and everything you need. Also, you can get some very high potential long tail keywords if searched properly. Since this tool is of Google itself, the data provided is comparatively more equal.

Google Ads

The ads you see in Google are also very important for your SEO. You can steal their idea and make your content more effective. This is one of the unknown SEO tools in the market. You can use keywords, descriptions and much more to make your SEO more actionable.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google Page Speed

Since every one of us knows that page speed is now an effective ranking factor, we should optimize our site for that. Google Page Speed Insights provide us the suggestions and the improvements to be made to our website. This is the best tool to highlight our speed mistakes and suggest the improvements.


Best seo tools semrush

SEMRush helps to analyze your complete site, check your backlinks, check your content quality, spy on your competitors and all those things that an SEO geek should do regularly. Though SEMRysh is very expensive ($99/mo minimum) it is worth every penny. Read our SEMRush review if you want to learn more.


Ahrefs SEO

It is an explorer of more specialized keywords, this tool finds pages that are working for the competition, it is also supported by clickstream data and it reveals the number of clicks you make. This is the best alternative of SEMRush. This tool mainly focuses on backlinks and stuff. The pricing is similar to SEMRush ($99/mo minimum). You can access the Ahrefs free for a week.



KWFinder is almost similar to the SEMRush and Ahrefs with all similar functions. however, some people consider KWFinder as fastest growing SEO tool because it provides more value than its alternative does. Also, it is cheaper than its alternatives due to which it has grown very fast. the cost of KWFinder is $29/mo minimum. The tool is majorly used for keyword research.


MOZ Analysis

Moz has the largest keyword database and is based on visual numerical representations that show your classification opportunity and your monthly search volume easily. They have their own domain and page rankings which helps you determine where you stand compared to the competitors. This is based on the number of backlinks and referring domains a page has got. This is the best tool for people who are serious about link building.



BuzzSumo is the best SEO tool that you’ll ever find. The tool will notify you of the mentions you get over the Internet. Also checks if the mentions brought you the backlinks or not. If not, then you can send the small request email to link you. Not only this, the tool has quite varieties of products available which are extremely important for SEO.

Keyword Tool


This software is, in my opinion, one of the best to search for keywords and which ones were more effective, especially if your article is in a competitive niche, it also helps you to benefit from little emergent or profitable markets. Though, you need a premium version for some pro features. But, you can find keywords effectively in free version also.



WordTracker helps you build new links and is more useful to create new strategies because it gives you a panoramic view of what you are looking for on your page. Almost similar to SEMRush but especially focused on the keyword research. However, this tool can help you to find the best of best keywords to rank for.



Majestic is completely similar to the ahrefs. Here, you can find all the info you’ll need such as link metrics, keyword data, content analyzation etc in a single click. However, this tool is considered as the best alternative of Ahrefs.



This tool belonging to SEMrush measures the score it gives you in it and helps you see the data of a website at a glance when you perform a Google search. This is a browser extension and works even great when you’ve SEMRush membership. However, using it without membership is really very useful. This shortens the work of doing the research on the search term. You can download SEOQuake for chrome and firefox.

Bing Webmaster

Bing Webmasters

Bing is positioned with the arrival of Windows 10 and is a search engine like Google since they have the same functions and is free. Bing webmasters show you the keywords you’re ranking for and also gives you the effective keyword list. These keywords are completely relevant and you can use them to rank high. You can access the bing webmaster for free.

Website Auditor

Website Auditor

This is indeed a computer application for SEO enthusiast. This application reflects all the errors and helps you to correct them with very detailed suggestions and also tells you everything we need to know to improve our website. This is also known as Link Assistant.



This tool helps you more than anything in your web positioning and the optimization of it since it detects incidents and errors. This analyzes your complete site and gives you the simple report instantly.



Pingdom analyzes the uptime and monitoring of performance on your web page quickly since its loading site is fast and serves both beginners and professionals alike. This is also somehow similar to Google Page Speed Insights. This also shows us the mistake and ways to improve about site speed.

Rank Trackr


This application gives you a complete personalized report since its use is extremely appropriate, offering you all the positions of our keywords in a detailed analysis. This helps you to check the position of tour site in various keywords.


SerpLab Seo Tools

SERPLab offers you data of historical positions and volumes of search since it is in charge of monitoring perfectly. This is perfect to analyze the keywords. However, this tool is also among the best SEO tools to check the keywords and analyze them.



It is a necessary tool that has very good features such as the analysis of every detail on your website and the comparison and monitoring of your keywords with your competition. You can access this tool from here.



This application is similar to MOZ since it offers you to follow your reputation and monitor the position of your website with respect to your competition. This is also one of the best SEO tools. This is a very underrated tool with very high potential. Access SearchMetrics to check your site now!



SEPProfiler is one of the least known but most complete tools, it offers a general index to obtain a vision of all the keywords and also of the competition. Very useful for the beginner who is just starting to sail in the boat of SEO.



SISTrix offers the analysis of the competition and very efficient with your keywords as it manages to position them in a good ranking. The must check SEO tool!


Open Link Profiler

OpenLinkProfiler tool belonging to Ahrefs offers you the comparison of any link. You can compare two different link to find backlinks. You can check the backlinks of your competitor and increase your SERP.



SimilarWeb offers you to observe your web visits and the competition, you also have the possibility to obtain the page views. However, the metrics showed by the SimilarWeb is exactly not accurate and sometimes it is very far.



SEOCrawler tool examines you for code errors, optimized images among others throughout your website and is supported by good SEO. This is the good tool you should use to optimize your SEO.


Raven helps you to investigate, track and analyze your project, also offers an initial report of your website. You can analyze the backlinks and other metrics of the site using this tool.



Seoptimer offers you to review your website and explain how to improve the content of the page as it provides clear and practical suggestions.



Authority Labs helps you to evolve your keywords to get better knowledge than the competition, it also allows you to make comparisons of keywords to divide them into campaigns and see which one gets the best performance for you.



With this valuable tool, you can see what happens on your server to improve response times on your website. GTMetrix helps you to find the problems with website speed and helps to solve those problems.



KissMetrics gives you information about how users behave in campaigns and studies sales conversions. This helps you to increase your website sales by almost 50% more. Hence, if you want more sales use this tool.



CrazyEgg offers you heat maps you can easily edit in the styles or images of the web page getting an idea to improve your traffic. This helps you to capture the places where your users have clicked most and where you should keep tour CTA buttons.



With HOTJAR you get the functionality of the heat maps to identify the points to get the attention of the user and also offers you to record videos of the users that review your blog or web page. This is also the alternative of the CrazyEgg.



Grammarly suggests you the advanced and minor grammar errors you are having while writing the content. This helps to improve the quality of the content and also helps to engage the users with error-free content. Using this tool will indirectly help you a lot to decrease the bounce rate and endure the google rankbrain.



With Siteliner, you can study the duplicate of your blog or website for free, you can also get media extension by content, broken links, among others. This helps to check and control plagiarism of your articles.


Ubber Suggest

UbberSuggest allows you to study the difficulty of a keyword or some competitive phrase and gives you the variant of it, obtaining an effective result for your web page.



Concentarte shows you the relationship between different keywords and the possibilities that the competition has as it studies traffic with the same pattern.

Image Raider

Image Raider

ImageRaider l is ideal to follow your own images and graphics resources indicating when it is published on your website. This helps to keep the record of your images so that no one copies it or uses it without giving you the proper credits.



BuzzStream helps you relate what is generated with the link building and makes it easy for you to create your contact completely. This is very effective SEO tool for link building.

OutDated Content Finder

OutDated Content Finder

The tool helps you search for the keyword to specify it and also finds outdated content. This helps you to find outdated contents so you can write modified version on the same topic. This will help you to get more backlinks from the sites that used to link to that outdated content. This is also called The Skyscraper Technique.



The tool informs you of the accounts of your contacts through Facebook, Twitter, Skype and LinkedIn every time you write when you make a link building. This is really helpful tool for the serious link builders. This is a must try tool if you’re serious about SEO.



This tool informs you about broken links and allows you to analyze the ranking of your keywords to improve your website. This tool is not only limited to single function but has much more to offer. If you want to experience what its potentiality then test the tool yourself once.



Colibri helps you compare the ranking of your keywords and that of the competition and gives you an analysis of the traffic of them. However, they’re not even able to rank for their own name in SERP.


Link Assitant offers you to study the ranking of your keywords and that of the competition, you can also download it on your computer. This tool is one of my personal favorites. This tool has everything that you need to audit your backlinks. This tool comes up with the set of SEO Power Suite where you get other awesome tools along with this.

Unamo SEO

Unamo SEO

This tool monitors the results of your search and that of the competition, achieving a better positioning. Similar to other tools, this tool also keeps the spy on your competitors.

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis another tool that analyzes the ranking of your keywords and the competition, it also helps you to see the links on your website.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog helps you eliminate the errors found on your blog or website and is the most used to perform audits. This is one of my personal favorites but also the among the best SEO tools.

A1 Website Analyzer

A1 Website

A1 Website Analyzer is easy to use and it helps you to do audits for any project on your website, you can also download it on your computer. This analyzes your entire website and gives you the report to improve.


on page

OnPage has as its job to optimize your web page to achieve a better positioning in competitive terms. This tools optimize your page, check for the problems, gives you solutions and the recommendation.

Open Site Explorer

open site explorer

Almost similar to Moz. However, OpenSiteExplorer has many features limitation comparing to the MOZ. This is an application to improve our website and the degree of authority and we can use it to analyze the links of the competition.

Web Page Test

WebPageTest is one of the most complete tools that you can have, since it offers you optimization, analysis and a complete report of the loading process, it also sends you recommendations to follow.

Plagiarism Checker


With this application, you can analyze the duplicate and detect if the document or file is original. You can protect your content from duplicate hackers and stuff.



Copyscape, like the previous one, is also responsible for analyzing the duplicate of a document to provide us if it is unique. This is the most popular tool to detect the copiers and prevent them from copying your hard work. Hence, this is also among the best SEO tools.


SEO Tool Bar

SEOToolBar is a browser extension that obtains data like age of the site, indexed pages, estimation of traffic among others and it is a free service.



FireBug extension is one of the most used in Firefox and it can be fundamental since you can design and program your blog or web page.

Web Developer Toolbar


It is an indispensable toolbar for the creation of your blog or website with a technical review of any website.

Answer The Public

Answer the public

AnswerThePublic is a great tool since it is very updated and offers you to find a number of combinations from a term. This search various combinations of term for the single keyword you provide them. Simple, this is among best SEO tools.

Keyword Shifter

Keyword Shifter

Keyword Shifter is a highly recommended application because it is fast when searching for a number of keywords in a few seconds. This generates thousands of keywords in a single click.

Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye allows you to get suggestions of the best keywords and also has a free version. This also shows you the search volume, PPC in competition and score.



Study the best keywords for Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Amazon among others from a specific keyword. Soovle also brings you the thousands of keywords ideas in a single click via all the above-mentioned search giants. Hence, you’ll get best keywords if you choose correctly.

SEO Hero

seo hero

SEOHero is a great tool that serves as a positioning since it searches for content through a keyword. Checkout the tool yourself to find its max potential. I bet you’ll not be upset with this tool.



Optimize your web page and help you make free and quality SEO reports as it offers you complete information about the search. MySiteAuditor is perfect for the small business owners.



With Nibbler tool, you get very good advice to improve and analyze your optimization for your website. Follow the advise and your SEO will boost up like rocket. Give it a shot!



QuickSprout application is similar to Woorank, but it differentiates its more social and visual aspect, it easily helps you to create inform and audit totally free for your blog or website. They’ll analyze your complete site and suggest you the improvements. This is the best free site explorer!



With Rankerizer you can see and analyze the evolution of your positions in the search engine to improve your website.

Broken Link Checker

broken link checker

BrokenLinkChecker is a WordPress plugin which detects broken links in your WordPress site. This great tool allows us to analyze more than 1500 pages to apply it in projects and detects the broken links of any web page.

Disavow Tool

Disavow Tool

Disavow is a Google tool with which you can link your website and send links if you wish to disavow it. This means if some spam links are pointed towards your site then you can turn them to be effectless. This creates your safety in SERPS.

Panguin SEO Tool

panguin seo

With Panguin, you can check the current penalty status of your site. This helps you to know your site has been penalized and also lets you take the required action in time to prevent the penalty. This tool analyzes the updates that your web traffic has had to avoid future penalties.

Yoast SEO Plugin

yoast seo

Yoast is also the popular WordPress plugin which can be used only for WordPress sites. Yoast helps to optimize your site in overall. While writing articles, it gives you improvement suggestions. Beyond this, the plugin will go to next level to rank your site. This WordPress plugin is a tool that helps us improve the positioning of our website.


Varvy SEO Tool

VARVY SEO tool offers you a complete social report free of the result of your search. It analyzes your social strengths, your reputations, your follower value and much more. Hence, this is a must try one of the best free SEO tools. The tool also analyzes your site.

Hemingway App


Hemingway studies your articles before publishing them on your blog or website. This helps you to find more improvements in your content and will obviously help to rank. Hence, do check your content here once so that you could improve them to the best level.

Beam Us Up


Beam Us Up tool allows you to perform audits of your projects, it is free and it is only available in Windows. The free tool is computer application so you cannot use from other OS. Anyways this is also among best seo tools.

Rank Tank


Rank Tank offers you multiple tools which you can use to improve the positioning of your website.

Conclusion: Best SEO Tools In 2022

Finally, we have almost completed the article and its time for the small summary. We have mentioned all the possibly best SEO tools in the article and hope you’ll obviously give each and every one of them a shot. The description of the tools was really short though I could explain each tool in brief as long as this article. However, it will be a very big article and people couldn’t find all the informative content easily.

Also, the tools mentioned in the article highly requires you to send the perfect outreach email. So, you should be aware how to write perfect outreach emails. All the tools mentioned in the list are not premium and we’ve mentioned some really cool free tools that most of the people are still unaware of. If you’ve recently started out and have a tight budget then you can blast off with those free tools.

However, some awesome premium tools like Moz, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Majestic, BuzzSumo are must try SEO tools. They will help you a lot in your SEO journey and to determine where to dedicate your resources. You can get the free trial in all these tools (except ahrefs) so you can wisely decide which one will be best for you. Also, since functions of tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic, KWFinder etc are almost similar ideally most marketer buy only one which fits their exact needs and is within budget.

Also, if we missed something do let us know because we’re always eager to add more awesome tools in the list. Also, please share your favorite SEO tool in comments below 🙂

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  1. Abhishek Verma says:

    Hey Sajwal,
    I only know and used a few of these. How you gathered all these tools, these are very good.
    I would like to give a try.
    And I have a question that, Siteliner is same as Copyscape or it works in a different way.

    1. Hi Abhisek, glad I could help. I had to really go into the deep to search all these.

      Siteliner and Copyscape are somehow similar. They are good alternatives to each other. Since both check plagiarism on the basis of URL, they both can be considered as same.

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