Best WordPress Coupon plugins

Best WordPress Coupon Plugins to Display Amazing Coupons

Do you want to display awesome coupons on the WordPress website? If yes then I can help you by displaying the perfect WordPress coupon plugins that display coupons to your readers. The only two ways to display coupons on a website are:

  1. Install a Coupon theme and pour water in all designing you’ve done to your website
  2. Install an awesome WordPress coupon plugin.

Coupons are really important. People love coupons because they can save their money while buying any product. Your readers are also included in people. So, You can display those coupons with the help of these WordPress coupon plugins whenever some companies which you’re affiliated to launch any coupons then.

Today we have prepared the list of 10 Best WordPress Coupon Plugins (Free & Premium) that’ll obviously help you to create an awesome coupon website.

Best WordPress Coupon Plugins.

1. WP Coupons (Premium) – Best WP Coupon Plugin

WP Coupons is an awesome premium coupons plugin which enables you to display coupons in separate archive and widget. It also has shortcodes that enable you to add a coupon to any part of the website. It also separates the coupons category so that your readers can easily find the required coupons. WP Coupons also allows you to add small information of the product before redirecting them to the product page so the possibility of sales increases. Its design is really awesome and user-friendly.

wpcoupon wordpress coupon plugin
WP Coupons Archive Demo

2. Affiliate Coupons – Best WP Coupon Plugin

Affiliate Coupons is the free coupon plugin currently being used to display blogging deals. Although it is free, Affiliate Coupon features in comparison to other plugins in the list are very high. It enables you to display coupons in separate archives and display a single coupon on any article using the shortcodes. If you have knowledge of using shortcodes in widgets then it can also display widget coupon. Its archive layout is similar to WP Coupons. Though it does not have all features of WP Coupons, a free plugin has lots of features to consider.

affiliate coupons wordpress deal plugins
Screenshot of our Deals Page made with Affiliate Coupons

3. Magic WP Coupons – Best WP Coupon Plugin

Magic WP Coupons is another awesome Coupon plugin available in the WordPress plugin repository. This is an awesome plugin that has extra features like the ability to like a coupon, unlike coupon, share coupons on social medias etc. Magic WP Coupons is the perfect plugin to create an awesome coupon website. Experience the magic of Magic WP Coupons WordPress plugin right now and create awesome coupon website.

4. Coupon Creator (Free) – Best WP Coupon Plugin

Coupon Creator is another awesome WordPress coupon plugin to display coupons in WordPress. One of the very early and awesome WordPress coupon plugin in today’s date. You can create your own coupon with a display on your site using a shortcode or upload an image of a coupon instead.

wordpress coupon plugin coupon creator

5. JC Coupon – Best WP Coupon Plugin

JC Coupon is another awesome WordPress coupon plugin. You can set expiry date or custom text for expiry. Coupons, when passing their expiry date, will not show up. You can use shortcodes on pages and posts. This plugin is useful for those who want to display limited coupons on their site. You can play with the tool and share how the tool works.wordpress coupon plugins JC-Coupon

6. Coupon Popup – Best WP Coupon Plugin

Why no to attract visitors by using pop-up of coupons. Show desired coupon pop up at desired page to the desired visitors. What you can do is simply setup the plugin with suitable deals, display those popups to your visitors. And finally, see your income growth.

coupon popup

7. Thrive Leads – Best WP Coupon Plugin

Thrive Leads is not actually a coupon plugin. It is a lead generation plugin but also can be used to display coupon pop-ups. This plugin comes with tons of features such as a timer which will obviously boost your affiliate sales if used properly. This plugin can also be used to increase your email subscribers.

thrive leads wordpress coupon plugin

Conclusion – Best WP Coupon Plugin?

All the tools mentioned are really awesome. All of these plugins are capable of displaying amazing coupons to your readers.

But it is necessary to choose one best among all these in order to increase affiliate sales.

If you’re committed to building a coupon website completely then I would recommend you move on with Magic WP Lite since it creates an awesome coupon website.

In case, if you’re trying to create a coupon archive for your readers (like most bloggers do) then move on with WPCoupons (premium) or Affiliate Coupons.

And, if you’re interested in displaying coupons to specific posts or pages to increase the affiliate sales then go on with Thrive Leads.

This is what I recommend you do. And, if there are other awesome WordPress coupon plugins in your view then please suggest us by commenting below.

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