eDigitalEarth has been online on the web since very long. People ask us some questions regarding our privacy and usage of their information. Here are the answers of few questions that people ask to us.

Why is eDigitalEarth Free?

Like many other sites we also need money to operate but we don’t charge you a single penny. So, you might be thinking where the money comes from to operate the site like eDigitalEarth. We have two major earning ways.

1. Affiliate Marketing

We have partnered with various sites which provides us few commissions for every item you purchase through our links. You will not be charged any extra fees and instead you can get special discounts on our side. For eg. if you purchase a web hosting from Bluehost with our affiliate link you can get web hosting worth 7.99/month for $3.95/month and it will give us $65 commission.

2. Third Party Advertisements

We use third-party advertisement service i.e Google Adsense in our site. It provides us money for displaying the advertisement on our site. We never display 18+ advertisements since our site can be used by anyone above 13 years. We display ads related to the blog posts we publish which will surely help you to know the things in a good way.


eDigitalEarth requires users email while they have to comment and subscribe to our blog. We never share your email or sell them to anyone. We want you to sign up to to our newsletter so we can provide you knowledge about our latest blog posts, latest deals, discounts, freebies and many more.


We own our right to moderate by accepting or rejecting your comment. We manually moderate our every comments. We do not accepts comment with fake name, which have religious or indigenous values, vulgar language or any misbehavior. As mentioned above we require your email to publish your comment. We also send you an automatic link as soon as you publish the comment which allows you to sign up to our newsletter. We only add you to our email list only if you confirm the email sent to you.

How to Help Us?

It would be very nice if you help us. But how can you really help us. It’s very easy! Whenever if you have to purchase any blogging related goodies you can purchase them with our affiliate link which result a commission for us.

If you have further queries you can use our contact form to contact us directly.