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How to Get Free Targeted Twitter Followers (2022 Edition)

After the establishment in 2006 Twitter has become one of the world’s leading social media. Many celebrities, brands, and organizations are using Twitter for their promotions, emotions and many other things.

There are millions of people using twitter who have different interests and hobbies. So how can you get the people matching your interests and hobbies? The process of getting people of your interest and hobbies is called getting targeted followers.

It is not very difficult to get targeted twitter followers but you need to pay for the service but today I have a very simple method to get free targeted twitter followers! This is not a black hat game but a tricky mind game.

Why do you need targeted Twitter followers?

As I have already mentioned above, there are millions of people in Twitter with different interests. If people of same interest as your they might purchase your goods, visit your website, hire you and many much more.

People of same interest can share the things that might be useful for both of the users so targeted twitter followers. Some wise people had said that 100 targeted followers are far better than 1000 untargeted followers.

For example, you migrated to a very busy city where no one speaks to you and at next year you migrated to another city where everyone is helpful but the population is low than the previous city. Which one would you prefer? Of course the second one.

If you get 1000 untargeted followers who never open your links, who never buy your products, never like your tweets and does nothing but simply follows you is useless but if you get targeted followers who always open you links, sometimes buy the goods you recommend, share your tweets and links and does everything that you want is far better.

How to get free targeted Twitter Followers?

Yes, now we are on the main point “How to Get Free Targeted Twitter Followers “. I have listed all the possible methods that will surely help you. Here are the methods:

1. Find your niche’s celebrity

This is the first and very basic step of this guide. First of all follow the people who are very popular in your niche. By doing this you will be listed in recommendation by Twitter itself when someone search for new people to follow.

You must be sure to follow the celebrity of a single niche only as far as possible. Doing this will increase the possibility of being ranked in recommended people from Twitter.

2. Mention and Retweet your Celebrity

Write the tweets mentioning the famous celebrities of your niche. You can ask questions, retweet their tweets or do anything but mention them. By doing this you can possibly be followed back by those celebrities or be retweeted by them which will surely increase your followers.

Since the followers of the celebrity you chooser also have same interest like you, you both will have same interests. This is also one of the easiest methods to get free targeted twitter followers.

3. Show you are active

Usually no one follows inactive people on, social media. Why should they follow inactive people? They wanted to give and take but you’re not active. But sometimes people think active users as inactive users because your recent tweet is very very old. So daily tweet two or three times to show that you’re a active twitter user.

4. Follow for Follow Back

If you choose the right person to follow 60/100 will hundred percent follow you back. So, how to choose the right person? Ha that’s easy bro! First see the followers of famous people and follow all of them.

I know it’s a bit time consuming but hardworking is necessary for sweet feast. Now wait for 5-10 days for all to follow back. Now you can go to your following section and unfollow all who didn’t followed you back.

5. Fav and Retweets

There is even another easy method. Visit the profile of other people and fav or retweet their 5-10 posts serially. This will draw those people’s attention towards you.

And according to my experience 30/100 follows you simply by favoring and retweeting their posts. Favs and retweets is also a great method to get free targeted twitter followers.

6. Try to act as famous personality

I know you are very very famous in your own world and you always want to be famous globally. So why to make yourself wait to be famous? In twitter act like as you’re famous and I know one day you surely will.

Never follow back unknown people or the people out of your niche, like and retweet quality tweets only and never join retweet to get followers scam. By doing this you’ll be safe, famous and also get free targeted twitter followers.

7. Embed Buttons

Do you own a blog? Do you own a YouTube channel? If yes then you can add follow us button on anywhere of your blog or channel. I am 100% sure that the person who wants to know about your niche is guaranteed to be related to your niche. Tough point huh!

So add follow us button to your blog or videos or any online thing you own. Embed buttons will allow your fans, your subscribers to get latest updates from you and it will allow getting targeted twitter followers for free to you.

Conclusion on Free Targeted Twitter Followers

I have mentioned the seven best methods that probably will give you free targeted twitter followers. These are probably the best method to get free targeted twitter followers unless you use some sort of bots or hacks.

So, Did you applied these methods? Did I miss anything? Was it useful for you? Please let me know by commenting below. I will be very happy if you give your 1 minutes time to comment your review and share this article with your friends!


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