How to Get High Quality Backlinks in 2023 (Complete Guide)

Backlinks are the links from other websites linking to your websites which helps to build the authority of your site and also help in ranking your site in the higher position in search engines. Everyone on the web is wondering how to get high quality backlinks to improve their SERP position.

The backlink is one of the major ranking factors of a search engine. Almost every bloggers, company and everyone on the web including me are struggling to get high quality Backlink. Everyone is thinking how to get high quality backlinks.

Let’s go to flashback, when I was a newbie and heard the word backlink for the first time it was too complicated for me. I somehow knew it’ll improve my search rankings but didn’t have any idea about it. I searched it in Google, read discussions about it on Quora and other blogging forums.

After all these hard work I got the concept of backlink and found that it was easy. The only thing it matters to create a good backlink is creativity. The creativity that is required to write, request, impress and implement.

But you know, I didn’t want others to spend their valuable time learning about backlinks and how to create them. Since it was the same thing that I have already learned. I decided to write this article to easily describe how to get high quality backlinks.

To get high quality backlinks domains with high ranks are required. If you don’t know What is a Domain Check it out. Also, go to Moz Open Site Explorer to check the authority of the domain.

Let’s learn more about the backlinks from this infographics,

 What is Backlink Infographics

Video Guide: How to Create Backlinks

Don’t wanna read this long article. No problem, we’ve also prepared the video guide mentioning all these ideas. This video is of almost 14 minutes which teaches you things all mentioned below but you would be able to understand more easily. Check out the video,

How to Get High Quality Backlinks?

Since backlinks are game changers it’ll be little difficult to learn but believe me when you get the concept, it’ll be easy. In this list, I have ways to create high quality backlinks from authority sites.

Broken Links

This is one of the most common ways to create a backlink. You should find the links that are broken (results an error page) and request the author of the article to replace the link with your article. Yeah! It’s this much simpler. But be conscious that you have written the article what that author wants or else they’ll not accept your request instead he’ll add others link. You can use CheckMyLinks to find the broken links on a page.

Broken Link
Red Highlighted link is broken a link.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is also very popular and powerful way to get high quality backlink. What you have to do is, write a post for some other blogs and add a link to the article in your blog somewhere at the middle of the post. Yeah I know writing a quality article for others site just for a single link is weird but if the blog that you have submitted the post is of high authority then surely that post submitted by you is worthy of it. We also provide a do follow backlink for submitting your guest post.

get quality backlinks from guest
Heres what I found in one of the websites on the web.

Link Others to Get Link

You can link to other’s blog where it is necessary. When you link to their blog, the owner of that blog tries to learn more about you and probably link back to you as a return gift.

  1. Link to another blog.
  2. Wait for few days if they link back to you or not.
  3. If they link back to you that’s great but if they haven’t linked back to you, send a friendly email to them reminding them that you’ve linked to them.

You can follow these steps and probably many will link back to you and if they didn’t link back then you can look up for their alternative or donate that link to them.

Here are the sites that link to my another website. I first linked to some of them and now they’re also linking me.

HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

HARO is the site where journalists come when they need help. Sign Up at HARO and you’ll receive emails of various questions from journalists and you can choose the one you want and give a great answer. The journalist you helped may give the credit for your idea in his blog or may simply mention you with a link. This is a great way to get high quality backlink but I suggest everyone use HARO 1-2 hours/week which will save your time and be productive also.

HAROAnswer Questions on Quora

Quora is a great site for question and answers. There are many people seeking for help in Quora. You can search for the keyword you want to answer and choose anyone question you want to answer. And if there is any article from your domain about that topic then you can link it to further enhance your answer. But be sure you link to your site to make your answer meaningful not just for gaining links.

get quality backlinks from quora

Answer Questions on Yahoo

In Yahoo answers also there are many people seeking for help. Same like Quora you can choose any topic you want to answer and add the link to your site at the end to further enhance your answer. Doing this will help the person who asked the question to further learn about his/her query and it’ll help you to get high quality backlink.

yahoo answers screen
See the answer where he’s linking his article at Yahoo Answers.

Answer Questions on Related Forums

There are many forums in every niche that provides do-follow backlinks. If you find any questions in the forums about which you’ve written blog posts then you can answer the question by mentioning you a link. Doing this will give you the double advantage, you’ll get a link from that forum and the person that asked the question and another person who saw the thread may like your article and link to your article. This will build high quality backlinks to your site.

Heres my answer on Warrior Forum where I am linking one of my posts.

Link Reclamation

Many people read your article, like it and mention them on their blog. Some of the people who mention you or any of your work may not link to your site. I mean, they may just mention you name or article but do not link to it knowingly or unknowingly. You can use BuzzSumo and Mention.Net to find this type of article and you can kindly request the authors of the article to link you.


Many companies show reviews from their customers to prove their product is worth full. They also add a link to the website of the person that gave a testimonial to prove that person is real. You can also provide a testimonial of the product you like very much, Since many product sites have high authority, if they accept your testimonial then you can get the backlink from high authority company.

get quality backlink from testimonial
Rand Fishkin founder of Moz got quality backlink by giving testimonial of Buzzsumo

Ask for site review

There are many sites where you can ask your site to be reviewed. Many of the review sites provide do-follow links. You can ask the questions like, is my theme ok or shall I replace it, I just changed my header color shall I keep it or restore previous one etc. By doing minutes of work you can get the high quality backlink.

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Ask for post review

There are many blogging forums. You can ask members of that forum to review your article. By doing this you can get the backlink from that forum and the person who reviewed your post may like it very much and link to it from his site. Here also you hit two targets with the single arrow.

get quality backlinks from asking questions

Provide free tool

Freebies are loved by everyone. You can create a tool and provide it for free to everyone. People may link to your tool if they like it. They may also write the review article of your tool, compare it with other already famous tools and doing this will get you the rain of high quality backlinks. To let the people know that you have created an awesome tool you can write an email to the experts in your area. Email shall be like,

Hello (name),

I have created a (tool type) to blah blah blah…. which is totally free for lifetime. It can (tool function described briefly). It is available at (tool URL). I’ll be glad if you test drive it and give me feedback to improve it.

I hope you’ll like my tool. Since it is a free tool for everyone, sharing it with your readers will not be a bad idea.


(Your name)


ScoopIt is a site where people aggregate their favorite content around the web into a magazine format. To find the high quality links, you can just search some high-quality page and hit the suggest button. In that suggestion box, you tell the writer about your content. Many of the writers will accept your proposal and you can get many high quality links from few minutes work.

scoop it
I am sharing this article to scoop it.

Round-Up Posts

These types of posts are one of the most popular posts on the internet. What you have to do is you have to choose 20 or more experts in your niche and contact them via email asking all of them same questions. Before you ask, be sure you tell them what is the purpose of asking that question or else they might not respond you. After you got all of their answers, compile them and make it attractive with experts picture, website URL, and other things and publish it. After publishing the article you again send an email to those experts saying that you have published their views and will be glad if they checked it.

Those experts may link to that article from their site which is very advantageous. Since they are experts in your niche obviously their site is of high authority. Though it may be little complicated to contact them and do all these shit this will get many high quality links.


I think everybody up here is aware of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the world’s largest online encyclopedia. You can create a Wikipedia of your site and add a URL to your site. If you can’t your page then you can edit broken references links to your own. Though links Wikipedia are nofollow they help to build authority and somehow it is believed that Wikipedia passes some link juice, it may be reality or just a myth but link from Wikipedia is very much valuable.

You can edit the broken and unreliable references.

Steal your competitor’s backlink

Yeah you heard it right! I said stealing your competitor backlink is also very major way to get backlinks. Who knows if your competitor got any high quality backlinks. You can use tools like Ahrefs Site Explorer to find the backlinks of your competitor. After finding backlinks you check if you’ve any article written on that niche and if yes then you can ask the site owner to replace your competitor link with your link. You can send email in this format to increase your link possibilities.

Hello (name),

I was just searching around the web and found your article (article link). It is a great article and you’ve written it in very creative and attractive way. But in the article you’ve linked to an out dated article (link of your competitor article). I have also written an article in the same topic (your article link) which is up to time and easy to understand.

 I think that you’ll like my content. If you liked my content and if you find it’ll help your readers to learn more then it would be beneficial for both of us if you replace that outdated article with my latest article.


(Your name)

We do have a dedicated guide on how write perfect outreach emails which you might want to checkout for effective communication.

Google+ Profile

You might not be aware that your Google+ page allows contextual dofollow backlinks. It is true that you should be logged out to see the link as dofollow. You can add your desired anchor texts in your introduction page to make the link dofollow.

backlink from google
Here’s the Dofollow backlink from my G+ bio.

Offer Freebies

Offering a free e-book may not be a bad idea to increase your links. You can find some ebooks which are paid in other sites and write similar ebook and make it free. People like freebies and they might link to your ebook to help their readers to learn more. You can also increase your email subscribers by adding compulsory email sign up before providing that ebook.

Conduct Giveaways

Many bloggers are already using this method to build high quality links to their sites. Conduct a giveaway and provide bonus entries to those who write short review about your giveaway. I know everyone will use their referral link in that giveaway review but when they mention the name of your site in that article, they may link to your site. This is very effective way to get high quality backlinks.

Here’s the number of backlinks for android authority giveaway page.

Want to learn more?

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2. How to Increase Affiliate Sales With Current Amount Of Traffic

Create Affiliate Program

This is somehow weird but effective method to get backlinks from authority sites. If you have a paid product then you can create an affiliate program for your product. To be affiliate your affiliates will link to your domain with their respective affiliate links which will get you high quality backlinks to your domain.

Interview Others

We have simple science in this. Take interviews of named people on your niche and publish it to your blog. The person you interviewed will surely link to your interview. The person may even share it on their social media which will even increase your social signal. Just be sure that you don’t just interview them for backlink. Be something new and ask something creative to those people you interview and they’ll certainly like and share it.

Be Interviewed

Inspire others to interview you! When you are interviewed on any website then they’ll link to your blogs automatically to show their viewers your projects. They might also share some of your great piece of content in their interview. So what you should do is accept for interview and report positively.

Final Thoughts

There are many other ways to get backlinks also but these methods are too common like “write a post daily” so in this list I’ve mentioned only the best and easy ways to get so you can no longer seek how to get high quality backlinks.

Follow these methods and soon you’ll get lots of valuable high quality backlinks. If you have any more suggestion which can be added to this list so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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    1. Thanks very much. When you told me that my article helped me, it made me really happy. Wishing for your success.

  3. Hey Sajwal,

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    Stealing your competitors article is kind of spiffy. Every digital entrepreneur wants to link to a great digital resource. So, if we have an article better than what the competitor has then it is a great strategy to reach out to the blog owner and share the idea to replace an outdated article with our blog post (Of course it needs to be relevant and informative from the context of the website).

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