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How to Increase Affiliate Sales (With No Traffic Change)

Affiliate Marketing is the key income source of many blogs around the web. Even we also rely upon the Affiliate Marketing. Since there can be comparatively high income in Affiliate Marketing rather than showing ads so many bloggers use it as a major income source as far as practicable and want to increase affiliate sales.

If the affiliate sales from the site increases then obviously income will rise which is liked by every person in the business. So today I am going to break down the common question of many bloggers “how to increase affiliate sales”.

Ways to Increase Affiliate Sales

Everyone wants economic success in their life and it’s fairly common. So for your economic success here are the ways to increase your affiliate sale.

1. Build Your Reputation

Imagine once a person entered your house and asked you to buy the product which you’ve never heard, will you buy that product? You’ll have a hard time deciding and most probably your answer will be a big NO. Your readers are also the same.

First, you should build your reputation among your readers, engage them in your site, be known to them then only your readers will have faith in you and most probably they’ll buy the product you recommend.

To build up the reputation you should be close, helpful, and most importantly be active in your site. Try to build your reputation and this can even add one more zero at your earning.

2. Write Honest Reviews

“No Fake Reviews” Follow this statement or close this article right now because no one can help you if you do fake reviews. Never write fake reviews no matter how big is the commission because due to a single fake review your site reputation will decrease and no one will believe you and this is certainly a big loss for you.

So, avoid fake reviews even if someone offers you huge rewards. Be honest with your readers. Whenever you write the review of any product, mention their disadvantages along with the advantages. Briefly describe every aspect and never try to hide any demerits.

3. Offer Freebies as Dessert.

Provide some premium things like any service, your ebooks, and even themes and plugins to readers who buy some product via your affiliate links. But be sure to provide them as Dessert, as Dessert is served after a meal your freebie should also be served after someone buys the product.

Offering a freebie only will not work. You should understand what your readers need. Like if you are an affiliate of web hosting then provide services like WordPress setup, free theme, and plugins, etc. Hit the right place so your readers can’t deny your offer.

4. Provide Discounts and Trials

Though you have a great reputation on the market and your freebie is undeniable investing money in the product without testing it can be unsuitable for your readers. So provide them trials of the product before they actually pay for it. Many companies provide trials by default and if some don’t you can request them to provide trials to your readers.

This will help your readers to experience the product without any risk. Also, provide discounts to your readers so they are more encouraged to buy your product. Discounts codes are also provided by many companies by default and if not you can request one.

5. Write “Appropriate” Title for Your Offers

No matter how big your discount is but what will happen if no one opens it? Yeah both of us know your offer will be great but if no one is gonna open your affiliate link then no one is gonna buy it. So write an appropriate title that will attract your readers and make them open your deal.

Think you are the affiliate of the product which has recently launched 60% off and you have to write a noise to your readers. How will you write? “Get this product on $40” or “Get 60% off on this product, now only $100 $40!” Of course the second one because you found it attractive. While writing a heading to be sure to mention the amount of discount, regular price, and discounted price.

6. Use Proper Tools

It is no more a secret that using proper affiliate tools will certainly increase affiliate sales. If you use proper tools for proper purpose then your affiliate sales will certainly rise. Here are tools I recommend you to use:

  1. Thirsty Affiliates: This WordPress plugin had many functions like link Cloaker which will change the long affiliate links into your desired one. For e.g. is changed into
  2. SEMRush: This is a premium SEO tool which helps you to find great keywords for articles which will help you to outrank your competitors
  3. Q2W3 Fixed Widget: This is also a WordPress plugin that allows you to add a fixed widget on your sidebars. You can add banners as a fixed widget to attract more sales.

7. Use Auto-linker for Affiliate Linking

Auto-linker is the WordPress plugins which automatically links posts and other things in your blog posts. Using an auto linker in your blog will automatically link your affiliate links wherever you mention the name of products.

Using this plugin will save your time searching for the name, linking to them etc since it does it automatically. The best auto linker I recommend is Auto-linker by ThirstyAffiliates.

8. Mobilize Email Subscribers

Why are you collecting email subscribers? You are collecting them because you know someday you’ll make a profit from them. So why wait let’s make that “someday” today. If any product you are an affiliate of is launching a discount offer today then let your subscribers know first.

Who knows someone may be interested in buying it. So be sure to mobilize your email subscribers. Some blogs even generate more than 70% affiliate income from their email subscribers only. Your subscribers are the best group of targeted users in the world.

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9. Use Different Widgets Per Article

People hate seeing the same and unrelated ads everywhere in the sidebar. You should show different widgets in different articles. If you’re writing an article about Bluehost then you can add Bluehost discount banner to increase the possibility.

You can use free WP Page Widgets for selecting different widgets for different posts/pages. This plugin provides all the features that are required to choose widgets per page. This helps to increase your affiliate sales by doing this.

Be Patient and See the stats

These methods are not doing it today and get it at night. These are the methods which you should implement today and for the big result in coming future. This method will surely raise your stats in the coming future. These are the must element ways to increase affiliate sales.

Just be sure you implement these methods correctly since you should win the faith of your readers and make them believe that they are investing in the correct place so they’ll, again and again, search on your site for product reviews.

Please share this article among your friends in social media so your friends can also make good income via affiliate marketing. If you have any suggestions for me then please leave the comment below or reach out to contact us page.

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