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iPage Shared Hosting Review: Best Affordable Web Hosting for Beginners?

What We Like:

  • Cheap Price
  • Free Domain
  • $500+ Marketing Offers
  • Everything Unlimited

What We Don’t Like

  • May not host large sites
  • Np cPanel
  • High Renewal Cost

Overall Summary

iPage is one of the cheap web hosting since 1998 active in the market. iPage is the cheapest and good web hosting with adequate level of service..

iPage comes with tons of free marketing offers that helps to take your brand to the next level and increase your revenue

iPage has all the features that a shared web hosting should have. It’s offers, security, features and all other things are excellent. I recommend you to get started with iPage web hosting

Get iPage for $1.99/mo

There are many web hosts around the world providing you web hosting services. These web hosts guarantee you that they’re the best web host providing you quality service. But here’s the question “Are they speaking truth?” Of course not all. Every web hosts has some limitations or they’re not affordable for all bloggers. But don’t you worry guys. iPage provides you best web hosting in affordable price in comparison to other “so called web hosts”. So to make you more aware I’ve prepared iPage review for you.

You might’ve already read many articles recommending other web hosting as best. I also agree to them in few cases. There are web hosts such as Bluehost, Hostgator, WPEngine which can also be said as best web hosts and I completely agree with them. After all it is all about the author’s thinking and experience. But I recommend every new bloggers and experienced bloggers to use iPage for hosting your sites. So it’s the reason I’m writing this honest iPage review for you.

So the questions come why iPage? So in this iPage review, I’m gonna divide their features in 2 categories i.e pros and cons for both of our easiness.

Pros (Advantages) of iPage

iPage is one of the best web hosting for blogs. To know more about the advantages of iPage check out below.


iPage is online in the market since 1998 (Year when Google was Founded). So you can believe they’re trustworthy. They’re not like other web hosts who will shut their site down causing heavy data loss to your site. They’re the one of the most reliable web host on planet. They power more than million websites. So you can be chilled about your data loss or something bad for your site in iPage.


Though iPage doesn’t support support free ssl from LetsEncrypt it has been providing one of the most reliable security tools for free i.e Sitelock. It is the security tool that scans your site, detects malware and deletes them, provides blazing fast CDN. They also protect your site from basic DDOS attacks. It adds firewall to your site protecting you from harmful bots and hackers. iPage provide this service while you purchase their web hosting for free.


As iPage is very experienced web host, they know how to make their customer’s things easy (stress-free). They have to inbuild many features in them such as 1 click WordPress Installation, 24/7 support. Hundreds of free themes and templates and many many more features inbuilded. You’ll also get free WordPress Setup by eDigitalEarth when you purchase web hosting from iPage.

High Quality Features

iPage provides many features in it’s small price. It’s major features are:

  • Free Domain Registration
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free Unlimited Email, FTP, MySQL
  • vDeck Cpanel
  • And Others Below

These are the basic features provided by iPage. It provides these basic features which are probably available in every good web hosts. Other advanced features provided by iPage are mentioned below.

Marketing Offers

iPage has extra ordinary marketing packages that come’s free with every package you purchase. They provide $100 worth Google and Bing advertising credits when you buy their hosting at $10.95 $1.99 only. This is a big advantage for you to advertise your sit in these major search engines for free when you buy their web hosting. They also list your site in yellowpages.com and provides you 1 free toll free US number for your business. This is also the offer that powers my iPage reviewThis offer is worth the try.

Online Store Compatible

You can create a free online store since iPage provides many features for this also. iPage provides integrates your site to PayPal. It also provides premium tools like AgoraCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, Zen Cart, TomatoCart, Presta Shop Cart for free for your site that helps to build you an efficient eCommerce site in few minutes. So, eCommerce websites can also migrate to iPage for the hosting of their eCommerce site.

Latest Technology

iPage use high quality world class technology on their server which powers your site efficiently. iPage has very highly powerful dell servers which will provide you blazing fast speed which will surely help to reduce your site’s bounce rate, increase your sales, leads and commissions. According to Google speed is also one of the major ranking factor. iPage has UPS backup and generators which will never let your site down in any condition.

24/7 Customer Care

Every responsible company has to provide support to their customers. They have to help their customers in every stage customers are confused in. So among those companies iPage is also one. They provide 24/7 customer support which can help you solve any problems or guide you if you are facing any problems in web host.

Affordable Pricing

I mentioned this point at last because price doesn’t stands with quality. If the quality of the product is good then price doesn’t matter. But in this case product has quality also and price is also negotiable with mind blowing marketing and security offers. You can get your site powered by iPage for $1.99/month only for first payment and their regular price starts i.e $10.95/month which is worth the services they provide.

Cons (Disadvantages) of iPage

Though iPage is the best web hosting for blogs in my opinion. I have found some disadvantages of using iPage. In thi ipage review I have disadvantages along with advantages.

No cPanel

Many web hosts usually use cPanel and many website owners are habituated to cPanel. In iPage they don’t use cPanel. iPage use vDeck instead of cPanel which is developed by themselves. Due to this you may be facing problem with interface but later you get used to it. Though there is no cPanel there is no loop hole in case of security. Your site is fully secured.

May not host Huge Sites

I am sure that iPage can host any sort of blogs if own huge eCommerce site with millions of visitors every month iPage may not be for you. They say they that they can host any sort of apps but I doubt at $1.99/mo who the hell will host miilion visitors. There is some limitations in bandwidth and space.

High Renewal Cost

Though the introductory price of iPage is unrefusable, it’s renewal cost is kick on as*. Their fist time price is $1.99/mo but when you renew the hosting you’ll be charged $7.99/mo. This is very big price for new bloggers. So, iPage is suitable for first year but you may need to switch web hosting next year.

Not Actually Unlimited

iPage is not actually unlimited. Here’s the screenshot from iPage User’s Agreement. Here they have mentioned they can terminate any account if anyone use more space and bandwidth. Though while promoting they have clearly mentioned that they have everything unlimited, while selling they change their word. If you were not careful or didn’t came to this article you may not knew this either.

Should you switch to iPage?

If you’re searching web host for your blog then, yes. iPage is best hosting for blogs. The features provided by them are truly suitable for personal blogs.I found their product as the best and affordable among all other “so-called-web host” in the market for hosting your blogs. Their price and services are incomparable with others web hosts.

Though they are not best legendary web hosts you should never miss their feature are price is best. There are

If you are searching for web hosting for huge traffic sites then iPage might not be for you and I don’t recommend iPage for large websites as I have mentioned in cons of this iPage review. And one more thing, this is review is for their shared hosting plan and their dedicated hosting may suit you.

This is all I have to say in my “iPage Review”. No matter which web host you go with but just be careful that you won’t regret for choosing wrong host.

This is to disclose that any links on this website may be an affiliate link. Which means we’ll receive a commission from company if you buy heir product. This will not cost any extra charges for you but can give special discounts when you buy products from our website.

What do you think about iPage? Did I mentioned all the points? Do you have any other alternatives of iPage that provide quality in affordable price? Do you completely agree with me in this article? Please don’t hesitate to reply the answers of these questions in the comment box below. Also share this article among your friends to let them know about this iPage review which is one of the best and affordable web hosting in the market.

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