Nulled WordPress Themes: Why You Must Avoid Them

“Wow! any premium WordPress theme for free! I’ll save a lot of money.” You might be excited like this when you land on a nulled WordPress themes site.

What you do not realize is the premium theme that you find for free is a Nulled WordPress Theme. Themes that are cracked by hackers to bypass the licensing system.

“What a nice hackers? Thinking about the little guys” you might think, and you are absolutely wrong. Nothing is free on today’s date. To save $59 (average pricing of a WordPress theme) you’ll have to pay thousands of dollars in future. It is a really risky game to play, and completely not worth the risk. We will explain in this nulled wordpress themes guide how you will regret using those themes a year down the road. 

What is Nulled WordPress Theme?

Nulled means Cracked or Hacked Version of any Product. For you to understand nulled WordPress themes, you need to understand the concept of GPL and how it works.

Every WP theme and plugins developer has to develop their WordPress plugin under GPL licensing module, according to that, Anyone is free to utilize, modify and distribute your products without restriction. However, there is usually a licensing system in premium WP themes and plugins that prevents anyone form using the plugin/theme even if they have the code, unless people have a license provided by them.

When you say “Nulled WordPress Theme”, you mean a Premium WordPress Theme which is available for free because hackers decided to bypass that licensing system and provide the plugin for free.

A nulled WordPress theme is the premium WordPress theme provided for free by the pirates illegally. These people do not distribute the plugins out of goodness of their heart. These themes mostly come up with the back door for entering your website and loosen the security strength. A malware is installed so they can access your site anytime they wish to.

These pirated themes are mostly provided to add malicious scripts on your website which makes your website in fatal error. I suggest you, you must not use any pirated WordPress themes in your valuable website. Here’s the screenshot of nulled WordPress themes keyword search volume and competition in Google search,

keyword nulled

Who the Hell Provides Premium Themes for free Without any Profit?

Now, I have a question for you. You bought a premium WordPress theme worth $59 (may be from us). Someone asked the theme to you. He’s nothing to you, neither your relatives, a close friend or someone close. Would you give the theme for free? Most likely not.

Not only you, no one will give the theme for free even though we have the right to use the theme for unlimited websites. Now the question comes:

“Why the Hell are those websites giving WordPress themes for free?” And, the answer is,

Because they want to add malicious code to your website, they want to make your hard-working go to hell and for other harmful reasons.

Disadvantages of Using Nulled WordPress Themes

Now, the point comes. Here I have mentioned all the disadvantages of using nulled WordPress themes. You’ll come to know how much you should actually pay for a free premium theme.


nulled wordpress themes disadvantages


Ok, now what you’ve learned from this guide? Should you use nulled WordPress themes and let hackers ruin all your hard work? Of course no! You might also think that you’ll remove the malicious code from the theme file but to be true, nobody knows where actually the code lies. Even if an experienced developer search for it is is very difficult to detect since codes look similar.

So, don’t ever think of using nulled WordPress Theme. They seem like cheap themes but it might cost worth thousands of dollars to you. So, to save few bucks why to ruin your whole work. Move onto any free or premium theme and save your hard work website from going away.

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