SEMRush Review: Ultimate Tool to Outrank Competitors (Plus Free Trial)

Do you want to rank on the first page of google? Well so do all the 100 million other pages that google crawled through. In this SEMRush review, we are going to go through how SEMRush can help you better position yourself and help you launch proper marketing campaigns (SEO & Paid Media).

However, it is extremely difficult for an average site to rank in a competitive keyword in search engines. Every marketer, big or small, attempts to rank for the most profitable keywords for their brand, tries to launch the most profitable PPC campaign for their brand, research the best content strategy for their brand, find amazing new opportunities for their brand. Only if there were a tool that could help them do it very easily.

Only if there were one proper tool to take care of all that, and more! Introducing SEMRush.

That is why many SEO experts including me (though I am not an expert) recommend using SEMRush for better performance in Google search.

SEMRush is the only SEM, SEO and SMM tool that you need to get right now to rank first on google! You can analyze your whole site, detect SEO loopholes, fix them and rank on the first page of Google.

SEMRush has everything anyone needs to perfectly SEO Optimise their website. All the features such as competitor analysis, backlinks analysis, keyword research & many more to explain below are really awesome.

Grab your SEMRush trial right now using the trial link below and rank on the first page of google.

Get Free Trial of SEMRush (Pro Plan)  (Limited Time Offer)

So, today we have a tool which will surely boost your SEO and will also help your website to climb even up to the first page for the very competitive keyword. The tool is SEMRush.

Let me share my own experience when I was a newbie. I did very hard to rank high in google but I never made it although my articles were of very high quality than others who were ranking.

The reason? Though I was thinking I am doing everything correctly, there were some mistakes which I never saw (and will have never seen if I hadn’t used SEMRush).

Then one day, I heard about an awesome tool “SEMRush” and I decided to take its trial. One week passed and I was in love with SEMRush. After using SEMRush here’s what I found,

My Errors

In a single click, SEMRush showed what mistake was, which keyword I shall have focused, what are my link building opportunities and many more things.

Now, I am completely in love with SEMRush. So, today I planned to write this SEMRush Review to let all fellow website owners about this magical tool and help them to outrank their competitors in Google.

So, I would recommend you to take the free SEMRush Trial so that you can test the tool yourself for free! Test all the cool features yourself and fall in love with SEMRush like me. Now, let’s start with the basics & go up to the pro.

What is SEMRush?

SEMRush is an ultimate SEO tool having undeniable features for SEO such as keyword research, link analytics, keyword compare tool, domain compare, keyword position tracking etc which helps in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) & SMO (Social Media Marketing)

Many small and big websites who are serious about SEO are already using SEMRush to boost their SEO and beat out their competitors. SEMRush is the only tool required for serious SEO maniac.

SEMRush Review: Features

Many alternatives out there in the market but none of them have features comparable to SEMRush. Some great features of SEMRush that I will cover in this SEMRush review are:

  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Audit
  • Competitor Spy Tool
  • Domain Compare
  • Check Website Traffic
  • Ads analysis tools
  • Highly Updated & Maintained Database
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Social Analytics
  • Brand Monitoring
  • And Many More

Beat Your Competitors Using SEMRush

Beat your competitors and rank higher than them. Since the very beginning of this article, I’ve been saying SEMRush can help to rank on the first page of search engines but actually how?

The answer is:

SEMRush currently has 100 databases across worldwide. Select the database you want to do research on. Anyways, I personally recommend you to select US database cause you’ll get much profit from US traffic. After that follow these steps to rank on the first page.

Keyword Research

SEMRush is very popular for it’s best keyword research tool. This is also the feature that made me write this SEMRush Review.

SEMRush provides you with the awesome keyword research tool which will help you to choose the best ranking keyword. Here is the process of doing the best keyword research.

1. Type the main keyword

Type your main keyword in the search box and you can see the stats like this. Here you can find several info about the keyword such as search volume, search results, advertisement results, CPC, competition etc. Analyse these data and create a mental plan of the keyword.

semrush review

2. Find Related Keywords

This is where the research begins, click on the related keywords and you can see the long list of keywords with all the data necessary. Among all the data, keywords, volume, KD (Keyword Difficulty) & results matter much to us.

Select the keywords that are very relevant to your topic, have low keyword difficulty & which have high volume. The first target for less, this will automatically climb you to high.

semrush related keywords

Build Backlinks

Backlinks are the major search engine ranking factor. You should build high quality backlinks to your website in order to get quality backlinks. In this SEMRush review, I’ll show you how SEMRush can increase your backlinks.

Step One: Analyze Competition’s Backlink

The next step to beat your competitors, analyze your competitors. To do this, select Backlinks in the search section. Now, insert the link of your competitors in the search box and hit enter.

semrush backlinks

Step Two: Find Websites Linking to Your Competitors

Now, click on the referring domains tab. Filter the tab by clicking follow backlinks since we don’t need nofollow backlinks. All the post which have dofollow backlinks to your competitor will appear on the screen along with the anchor text.

Step Three: Send Outreach Email to Them

Now, export the list, and start to send outreach email. SEMRush provides an outreach tool but that’s not that much good though if you have many outreach emails to send it can ease up your work. Read this way too good article by Tim Soulo about how to write a perfect outreach email.

This will help to increase the SEO of your website using the SEMRush. Still, there’s a lot to come in this SEMRush review. Implement the method above and increase your search rankings and beat your competitors.

Spy On Your Competitors

Your competitors might also take some wise advice from you. So, you should always be ready to tackle your competitors. For this, you need to spy on them. You need to know every fact about them so you can successfully tackle them. Follow these steps to spy on your competitors.

Step One: Create a new Project of Your Competitor Website

Yeah, we care a lot about our competitor so we’ll always check them. So, here’s what you’ve to do. First of all, you need to create a separate project for your competitors to properly analyze them.

SEMRush Project

Step Two: Monitor Keywords of your Competitor

Now what you’ve to do is add some very popular keywords of your competitor and monitor them. You should see all the ups and downs to get a right time to strike. See all the keywords your competitor ranks for and write articles focusing on the same keywords.

Step Three: Steal Link Opportunities of Your Competitor

In the same project, we can find an option called Link Opportunities, analyze your competitors link opportunities and forward those links to them. For this, add your competitor’s domain and see all their link building opportunities. After that, select all that seems good to you and send outreach emails to them.

link opportunities semrush

Get Awesome SEO Ideas

The next thing that SEMRush compelled me to write this SEMRush Review. It’s SEO Ideas. SEMRush gives you a complete set of SEO ideas by analyzing your competitors. This shows the steps you should take to rank better than your competitors. For this, create a project for your domain by following above-mentioned technique and select SEO ideas. You’re done.

seo ideas

Monitor Your Brand

You should check how well your brand is getting on the web, what peoples are talking about your brand etc. So, to monitor this, SEMRush has a tool called brand monitoring. This notifies you every time people mention your brand online. This helps you to gain backlinks and improve yourself from the people’s feedback. Hence, you should give this tool a shot.

semrush brand monitoring

Analyze Your Social Media

With SEMRush you can analyze your whole social media. You can track your audience activity, engagement of both yours and your competitor’s social media. With this, you can drive more targeted readers and leads via Social Media. Hence, you should give SEMRush a try.

social media

Test your Content with Content Tool

SEMRush content tool is really awesome to compare your articles with your competitors. This let’s you to improve yourself in a managed way. If you want to develop your skills in an effective way give this tool a shot. For this, you can go to Project > Content Tool. Also, this tool lets you analyze your competitor’s signals like who shares them & how many shares they receive.

semrush content tool

Compare Your Site With Competitors

One of the features I love the most, SEMRush allows you to compare your domain with respect to the keywords and backlinks with other competitors. With this, you can compare yourself with your competitors and see the difference between you and your competitor.

This also helps to set up your new milestone and set the things that are good and needs to be improved. You can also see the common keywords between you and your competitor. You can compare yourself with other 4 sites at the same time.

semrush d vs d
Domain vs Domain on the basis of Keyword
semrush domain vs domain
Domain vs Domain On the Basis of Backlinks

Pricing of SEMRush

Ok, pricing might be a problem for you. As great the features are, the more expensive it is. Pricing of SEMRush is quite unaffordable by normal newbie bloggers. However, against their awesome features pricing is quite suitable.

Anyways, not cheapest but in comparison with other alternatives & their features, the pricing of SEMRush ($99.95/mo or $999/year) is acceptable. If you’re unsatisfied then you can as for refund anytime in the first week. However, you can get free 14 days trial by clicking the link at the end of this article.

SEMRush Pricing

Should You Use SEMRush?

Is this a question? The answer is, yes if you’re serious about your website then yes. Use this tool to rank higher and beat up your competitors. Although, SEMRush costs $99/month minimum.

I fully recommend you to use SEMRush and test yourself since you’re given the free trial of SEMRush. Now only me, every person who has used SEMRush before will surely recommend SEMRush to you unless they don’t want your progress.

Hence, this SEMRush Review has a lot to explain about the SEMRush.As mentioned earlier, if you’re serious about your website use SEMRush right now to rank far than just better.

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