How to Write Perfect Outreach Emails
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How to Write Perfect Outreach Emails to Build Quality Backlinks

Have you just published the article and want to build as many backlinks as possible to your content?

So, for this, you will have to learn to write the perfect outreach emails so you can convince others to link you to your content.

With the help of outreach emails, you’ll be successfully able to build backlinks to your site. You can also establish good relationships with other fellow bloggers which is necessary.

But, do you know that almost 75% of outreach emails are moved to spam or junk box without even opening and some after opening? You would obviously don’t want your email to be one of those.

In this article, some of the guidelines for crafting a perfect Outreach email for the purpose of Link building would be presented. You should also search for sites to promote your blog posts so that it will automatically gain backlinks.

How to Write Perfect Outreach Emails

However, this guide is all about writing the perfect outreach emails. But, here is the small summary of the article. You should first find the correct email address of the writer. Then, you should focus on some quality tips while writing the outreach email and you must look natural.

Doing this increases your chance of getting backlink by 110%. So, you must follow the steps listed below to get quality backlinks.

Use the Appropriate Email

The first and foremost tip while sending an outreach email to someone is to use the correct email address.

Many people do not even bother to search for the correct email address of someone. They just guess their first email using first name and last name.

That tended to use some sort of automated tools or even their mere guess to generate some emails to reach a prospect.

They don’t even bother to spend some time to check the email address of that prospect manually. So, they would have a chance to get a reply from the prospect.

For the purpose of getting the reply from the prospect, it is important to use the actual email address of the prospect. You can use the tools like Hunter to easily find emails for free.

Also, sending the email via contact us page for outreach email is completely against the theory to write perfect outreach emails. So, always send the emails directly to their email address.

Present benefit for the prospect in the email

It is important to present some benefits or probable facilities for receiving a fair response from the prospects.

It is important to present something fresh and valuable so that they get motivated to respond.

Featuring the email with the most customized messages and benefits would surely motivate the prospect to respond accordingly.

Using the name of the prospect where necessary may also help to get the positive response.

Customizing and featuring in the email is must to get the positive response.

Using the valuable and customized data relevant to the prospect also help increase the possibility of positive feedback.

Also, please never let the performance of your site be very low. This will decrease the chance of your success very much. So, you should consider using the fastest web hosting to increase the performance.

How to perfect outreach email

Using the best work while drafting an Outreach email

It is very important to make the first impression a good one and the first impression lasts forever. To get the desired response from a prospect it is important to impress the prospects.

You can do this with the best quality article and attracting the response of the prospects. It is not a smart move to send an average article to someone for getting the desired response.

To make sure that the sent article will get a positive response the following facts may help to determine.

  • The number of comments that the article got after getting posted
  • The number of upvotes on Reddit that the article got
  • The evidence of any tweet from famous person on the article
  • The evidence of getting citation from the authority website

Here is an example of a good social proof in an Outreach email.

Outreach Email Social Proof

If these indications are positive, then it is likely to think that the Outreach email will contribute much to get a desired response from the prospect.

Rethinking about the excuse for sending the outreach email

Providing similar article to a prospect is not a decent excuse for sending an outreach email. You should write an outreach email containing a different point of view containing something new.

Before writing an outreach email you should consider if the link from that page is valuable or not. For this, you can use SEMRush to find the exact metrics.

If you don’t consider this then you’ll never be able to write perfect outreach emails.

For instance, while sending an article through Outreach email to someone who has written a particular post on a particular subject, it might help to get a positive response if the Outreach email mentions something like that,

” Hello Tom, you wrote this post but you might have missed one very particular aspect and here I am talking about that aspect. I hope you would find it essential and interesting.”

Sample Outreach EMail

Customization is the key

Using templates for the purpose of drafting a stand-out Outreach email is a very poor move for the purpose of getting the desired response from the prospect.

Nowadays people are so much concerned about the difference between the automated Outreach emails and the customized and useful outreach emails.

People hardly pay any particular attention to the automated outreach emails and usually place all of the automated outreach into the trash can.

Sometimes, your subscribers are also very likely to link to your articles. So, you can also notify your subscribers about the new content published. If you yet don’t have enough subscribers then consider reading, how to increase email subscribers.

However, template using may seem to be inevitable in Outreach email drafting but it is important to customize that template so that it would get some flavor of personalization and customized features. Using a fixed pattern to follow or generic subject lines will not help in this regard.

Here is an example of a particular and customized-looking template of an Outreach email.

Email Customization

Show few Common Things

Knowing a prospect is always a plus point as far as sending the outreach emails is in consideration.

It might take a little bit of time to learn something about a particular person. But, it would surely increase the chance of having a positive feedback from the prospect.

It is very likely to think that if an outreach email shows evidence that the sender of that outreach email knows a particular person then the respondent will hardly be able to ignore that message and will eventually reply. Here is an example of customized and personalized email for which the receiver will surely sense a feeling of obligation to reply.

Personalization for Outreach

Perfect timing

For creating a perfect outreach email, the timing essentials are very important. It is unlikely that the writer of the particular post (that has been written long ago) will even care about the post today.

If any article is published recently, then it is easily possible to get the positive response.

Also, you should keep in mind about the timing in the location of the receiver. You obviously don’t want your mail to get lost in the inbox. So, you should send mail at the morning breakfast time when most of the people check their mails (including me)

Asking wisely

It is regarded as an art of asking for favors. Most of the people don’t even give a second thought and usually act as if all people owe them some sorts of favor.

Asking for tweets directly is not a smart move to make but it is quite obvious to get the tweets as it does matter. When the content is stand-alone content and or worth reading, then the receiver will tweet the article even not asked.

The above image shows a perfect example of asking for favor smartly that is also followed by tweets.

Asking for links is NOT similar to asking for tweets. In case of link asking people often require a soft knock if they are asked for linking to the sender. It has to be made quite easy for the receiver to get an easy way out. This will also help the receiver to initiate a positive response to a link to the sender.

The following example may help to understand how the perfect link asking would seem.


Could you please let me know your opinion about the post? 

You might find it worth mentioning in your next article. Would appreciate and love to know your opinion on the article. It would be a matter of great appreciation if you consider linking to it from your past article or probably mention it in your future article.

Have a nice day!”

In the above example, it has been shown that asking for a link can be an art.  It does not include any sort of pressure on the receiver so that the request for the link does not become obligatory. Asking for the link should be presented in such a way so that the request is easy to ignore for the receiver.

Following up and that should be only once

It is quite obvious that people usually forget to respond to the outreach email and most of the time it is not the fact that they don’t want to respond.

This issue can be dealt with a proper and polite follow-up. The following example could help understand how an outreach email sender could make the follow up in a polite and modest way.

Sending a special thanking and a line of special facilitations for the targeted respondents will surely leave a positive impression on the targeted people. This is ver important to write perfect outreach emails.

“Hi Harry,

Just want to make a quick follow up in case you have missed my previous email. If you are on the clock at this moment, I will simply sign out. 

With due respect


This would serve the purpose and it is strongly recommended not to send any more follow up emails to the outreach target.


These are the methods you should consider while writing the outreach email. This determines that your email is not just thrown to spam with a short 10 second glance. You should make the receiver more eager about you and must consider to provide best value to them.

You should apply win-win theory to write perfect outreach emails. Which means, you should also mention about the benefit of the receiver. However, the benefit always doesn’t mean the money always. Sometimes, the benefit means the value also. You should be able to explain the receiver that how your article will provide value to their readers. This is the major point to focus.

Also, never be just link leech. Which means, sometimes even if they didn’t link to your article don’t just leave them. Try contacting them few often asking about the blog growth and stuff. This will increase the potentiality of your future articles to build quality backlinks.

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