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How to Be a Successful Youtuber (Guide for YouTubers)

YouTube is the world’s largest video community founded under the parent company Google. Many people are sharing their videos in the YouTube to teach different things to a different niche and everyone want to be a successful YouTuber. In this article, you’ll learn how to be a successful YouTuber. I think you are also one of those people who either own a youtube channel or is planning to create a YouTube channel. But my friend, youtube is not a child’s play! You need to be dedicated and faithful towards your job. What I found after the deep research on this niche for almost 1 week that 10/100 channels shut down within a week of their creation. The main reason for this may be following:

  • Good content but no viewers.
  • Poor content and no viewers.

Before going any further think in yourself “Does my channel have good video?”. If your answer is Yes then very good and you’ll learn more to move one step forward, and if its No then don’t worry you’ll learn a lot here. I hope you’re not lying to yourself, my friend!

Ok, as I have already YouTube is not a child’s play. I will 100% help you to solve your problem but I need your dedication and faithfulness. At the past, I was also a suffered YouTuber like you and I had almost decided to quit YouTube but later I read an inspirational guide from a website (I actually don’t remember its name but that guide was just “Awesome” that turned my Channel’s way). I was inspired by the author of that guide and I also wanted to inspire people like you to reach the top so I decided to prepare this guide. This guide covers my research which took almost one and a half week.

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Why should you create a YouTube channel?

YouTube is the world’s #1 video sharing community. People develop a YouTube channel to share their video with the world, to teach the things that they already know. You should also create a YouTube channel to share your passion and show your skills to the world. Some people also create a YouTube channel in order to do affiliate marketing. But you should take YouTube as the place to show your talent to the world instead of earning motive.

What type of video should you create?

Your brain has the capacity of millions of computers and you must utilize it properly. Every person is specialized in a specific field. Many know what they are specialized and many do not know them. To find them you shall seek inside your body. You should find the field on which you’re interested in and create videos in those fields. Like I love blogging so in my YouTube channel I keep videos teaching many blogging related things. You should be able to share the things with professional expression in order to be a successful YouTuber.

How to be a successful YouTuber?

Here are the few tips which you Must follow in-order to become a successful YouTuber. You should follow this to reach the aimed goal!

1. Quality Content

As I have already told previously your channel must have good content in order to attract your visitors. Before playing your video most of the visitors look to your video’s likes, unlikes, comments and some also check how much views you have got. You should be able to win the heart of your viewers and this factor affects a lot in the ranking in search results also. So, firstly rank your video yourself then only let others rank it. If you are really confused about your video’s quality then Please drop the link of your video under the comment box and I’ll review it.

2. Interest

I found that the main reason for the failure of the YouTubers is creating videos beyond their interests. They find videos in other categories having more views and subscribers and they want to do the same though they don’t know much about that category. You shouldn’t do this. You should create videos upon your interest following your heart, not brain. Just think what would have happened if Justin Bieber said he would enroll at politics and Barack Obama said he would become a singer? They both would just be a “JOKE” for the people but they didn’t do so, they followed their interest, their heart’s saying and look at present they are touching the sky with their foot. Like that you should also follow your interest. Just create a video on your interested topic and let it touch the sky.

3. Keyword Research

This is the most necessary factor while uploading a video on youtube. This determines the ranking of your video in search results. After creating a video you must perform keyword research for the videos and choose the best keyword with less search result, high CPC, greater search ratio and long tail keywords. If you’re able to choose the best keyword then it is sure that your video will appear in the top 10 result of your chosen keyword. I do recommend SEMRush Video keyword research tool for selecting the good keyword for your video. You can perform keyword research in Google Keyword Planner, LongTail Pro, and many other sites also but be sure to choose a good keyword.

4. Original Content

Your videos and channel must have the originality. The videos published on your site must not have any copied content. If you are thinking that you can be a successful YouTuber by publishing others video then you are under the illusion. If you did this YouTube can rightfully suspend your account and you will be charged a huge compensation i.e minimum $5000. In the case of any copied content found you might not create another YouTube channel for your whole life. So, you should be original, teach original.

5. No Fake Reviews

Some of the YouTubers give fake reviews saying that a product is good and you must use it though the product is just the waste of the money. You should never do such fake reviews even if you get commissions for doing so. You should not join the Affiliate programs of such fake products also. Actually what happens is, if your viewer believe in your fake review and spend their money and time on that fake product he/she will find the product you recommended uselessly and they might unlike your video, put bad comments in your video and the main thing is that they’ll never return back to your channel, So, never do fake reviews. Just review in the way that you think the product is.

6. Attractive Headline and Description

You can notice yourself in this aspect. Whenever a person searches for a particular video he makes an imagination about your video by looking your video’s headline. So, you should think of great headlines for your video. You can check CoSchedule which is a Free and Best headline analyzer. Now about the description, before your video completely loads most of the visitors read the video’s description. If they found your description understandable and nice then they’ll watch your video otherwise they’ll choose other videos which will increase your video’s bounce rate that is not good for ranking. The video with high bouncing rate may not be kept at the search results. So you should consider your headline and description seriously.

7. Good Video Quality

The video you publish in YouTube should be clear and with the high quality image (HD Recommended). Your viewers should be able to understand your video and learn from them. Your video must cover good image quality, good sound, no background noise and understandable. If you fail to do so you can get negative ratings and feedbacks from your viewers that are not good for us. I recommend you to use high megapixels camera during the shooting of video and to use good graphics card if you’re performing a screen record. I use Active Presentor for my screen recording purpose. This is also a very major factor to be a successful YouTuber.

8. Ads Position

You should be very careful while inserting ads in your videos. I don’t mean don’t keep ads but be careful in ad location. Never keep full-time ad or ads in the middle of the video. In case you want more revenue you can keep video ad before the video. Most of the audience skip these ads and doesn’t get irritated with. And this is also one of the great youtube success tips.

9. Promotion in Websites

After you upload a video search the title of your video in google and visit top 5 websites in the search result. After this contact the owner of the website and ask the owner to keep your videos embed button to their article which will be advantageous to both of you. You should be able to impress the website owner and be focused on above-mentioned factors to be approved.

10. Social Media Promotion

Whenever you publish a video it is necessary to tell the world about it. So, immediately after you publish a video go to your social media accounts and publish the link of your video with understandable description. Your true social followers will be seeking for your new videos and they’ll sure view your video. And the most important thing is when you publish a post on social media with your videos link and if it is shared then you can also get new subscribers.

11. Good Animation

Everyone should have creativity. Youtuber shall have the skill to animate your videos in order to make them better, attractive and understandable. You should be good at animation if you want to stay in the lap of this bitch (Youtube). Good and popular channels have a great animation that’s why people love them and you should also be loved by people.

12. Fast support system

You must be very fast and supportive towards your visitors. You should be able to reply the comments and feedbacks of your customers with the appropriate answer. If you do this your visitor will love the way you work and most probably like and subscribe your channel which is very necessary for us. Never speak badly with your visitors which will surely damage your impression that is very harmful to YouTubers life.

13. Good Identity (Profile Picture and Name of Channel)

Identity is the very very and very important thing that YouTuber should mainly focus on. You should choose a great stage name that will represent your category. While choosing a name please be sure that the name is not a copyrighted property. Good YouTuber should also be sure that the name is easy to remember, is related to your niche, is unique among other channels. You should create a logo that can define your channel without any texts. You can use platforms such as freelancer, upwork, Fiverr to develop a logo in very cheap price and quality product.

14. Keep your Channel Updated

To be professional you should never stop updating your channels. You should read you visitors feedbacks and make the videos that they suggest to or find some trending or may be useful contents to share them with your visitors. You should create a schedule to update your channel in a specific period of time. Never upload a video in random time. Keep one week or one month gap between your every video so your visitors can check’em all. So keep all your activities scheduled in order to be a successful YouTuber and be popular YouTuber in the world’s largest and most popular video sharing community.

15. Never Give Up

Never be upset because you’re not getting more visitors and subscribers because every person has a shining star in his destiny. Be hardworking and courageous and never compromise in your aim which will surely lead to the success. You should never be upset upon you failure but instead you shall be happy that failures makes a man perfect. Though you do not get more visitors and subscribers follow the above mentioned steps and I am very sure that you’ll achieve what you wanted.


All above mentioned things are the important factors to become a great youtuber. You now have learned how to be a successful youtuber and I hope you’ll apply these methods. If you think I will be able to help you in your journey to become a successful youtuber then never hesitate to contact me and I’ll make sure to give you a solution. And at last please share this article and please provide me your feedback by commenting below.

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