50 Free Blog Promotion Sites to Promote Your Blog

Wondering how to promote blog posts? In this article I have prepared a list of blog promotion sites and awesome steps to promote blog posts.

Did you write a new blog post? That’s great! But the question comes, where to promote blog posts so more people can discover your content, here is the answer: read this guide and I have mentioned 50 blog promotion sites to promote your blog post that’ll bring you more traffic.

We have prepared this huge list of blog promotion sites for sole purpose of promoting your blog posts. You can practically use all of these blog promotion sites and promote your blog posts.

Common Question: Is blog promotion effective?

The answer is yes, various blog promotion sites will provide audience to your content at the time when you might have not ranked well for the keyword. As a matter of fact, these promotions actually help search engines like Google to crawl your page faster and also create a sense of trust if used properly.

Besides, the SEO benefits, blog promotion also helps to create a brand reputation when used properly. Some people might discover your blog through one of these sources, and might turn into your customers. For me personally, I have tested all these methods listed to my own website and it provides me with pretty significant portion of traffic for this website. Below I have screenshot of google analytics and we can see the traffic through blog promotion.

blog promotion sites

I promote my blog posts to different sites to gain extra readers.You can see Social, Referral & Other traffic sources? This traffic is the result of blog promotion.

Use the websites listed below to generate similar amount of traffic, maybe even more! Blog promotion sites in this list are really awesome and most of the traffic coming from these sites would be of influencers, marketers of your niche so proper usage will create a big brand exposure. This can also help to increase your backlinks, which will help the SEO aspect.

Why is Blog Promotion Important?

Promoting your blog posts has many advantages, some you know, some you will know. Maybe it won’t double your traffic or beat your traffic but this can give you an extra 1/4 of total traffic to your blog. Which also means extra 1/4 income added to your monthly income if you use advertisement as revenue. Extra traffic also means extra popularity of your blog and your brand.

There are many other advantages indirect advantages which most of the people are unaware about. I am using these blog promotion sites since the establishment of this blog, and am still discovering new shocking results every now and then. Hence, you must give these website promotion sites a shot to experience the advantages for yourself.

Best Blog Promotion Sites to Promote Your Blog

There are many types of websites to promote your blog posts online. To get the best result we’ve to choose the best one! So, today we’ve listed industry leading, 50 places to promote your blog posts. Among all these websites some are very popular million user social media, some are blog aggregators, some are things in your pocket & some are….wait you’ll have to read the full article to know!

1. Share on Facebook

We all know Facebook is the most active social media in today’s date with 2 Billion monthly users. It is the world’s number one social media and is still growing.

You can share your blog posts on your Facebook page or related groups and increase your website traffic. Doing this will get targeted readers to your blog since the only interested people will only join groups and page related to your niche.

You can also share the posts on your own timeline so that your friends and family also can see them. Hence, Facebook is a great place to promote blog posts.

2. Tweet on Twitter

Twitter is another great social media active online with  319 active users. You can connect with high-class influencers in your niche via Twitter.

What you’ve to do is tweet your post on Twitter and if you’ve good followers in twitter influencers and marketers in your niche will read the articles and this will also increase your website traffic. However, you need targeted twitter followers for more engagement, luckily we also have a guide for that as well.

3. Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media, almost like a picture magazine where you can pin your images for many Pinterest users. Many people related to your niche are using Pinterest so you just need to find the right group of people to share to.

What you’ve to do is add images to the blog posts and later pin them to your Pinterest account, choose appropriate tags and hashtags. If people liked those images and want to know more about the content they’ll obviously visit your website to give it a try.

4. Share on Linkedin

Linkedin is the social media with the highest number of influencers. Linkedin currently has 500 million active users and most of them are influencers and professional people, which means they are all highly targeted.

You can share a proper type of leadership and influence blog posts of your niche to LinkedIn and gain 100’s of targeted influencers to read your posts. Since all of them are influencers you’ll have your brand promotion along with your blog promotion.

5. Share on Instagram

Instagram which is a subsidiary of Facebook is also a great social networking site. Many influencers have now experienced the usability of Instagram and are using Instagram on the regular basis.

Hence, you can also use Instagram to target those readers to your blog posts. This is also a great way to promote your newly published blog posts.

6. Snapchat

Snapchat is a photo-snapping website similar to Instagram. Actually, Snapchat is a mobile app available for Android & iOS. It is relatively new in the market but marketers have already started using it. Plus, the new business feature for Snapchat helps content creators to reach more audience.

7. Post on Google Plus  (Discontinued)

Google Plus is the official google social networking website. Google plus is very popular among the influencers and viral bloggers.

In Google Plus you can join in the large member groups. Then, you can share your latest posts in those groups and drive a huge amount of traffic to your latest post!

Your friends and followers can even see your shared posts in Google search results which will increase you, visitors, even more.

8. Use Mix

Using Mixis really easy. Many people use it on the regular basis. What you’ve to do is simply share your posts and visitors will stumble upon your posts.

Many bloggers are getting thousands of readers every day from StumbleUpon. Choosing correct tags and categories is really important in stumble upon.

9. Pingler

Pingler is a place where it encourages search engine to crawl your websites. Since many bloggers are using Pingler you might drive highly qualified targeted readers to your blog posts. Pingler is an awesome tool, give it a shot.

places to promote blog posts

10. Growth.org

Growth is like the community for marketers and influencers. We can share our latest posts to Inbound and get lots of targeted readers to our website.

In Growth you can ask questions or share your latest blog posts with your fellow bloggers.

Rather than just review articles, case studies get viral at Inbound and drive more traffic. So, you can share your case studies in Inbound and gain lots of qualified traffic.

11. Flipboard

Flipboard is really simple and if content goes viral then it has potential of crashing your server. What you’ve to do is, create related boards and submit your articles there. Other users using Flipboard can also add your contents to their board. This is similar to the retweet on Twitter.

12. AllTop

Alltop is the popular blog aggregator which automatically shares your posts as soon as it is published.

You should submit your website to AllTop with correct category and after their approval, they will take care of the rest.

Your site also might be rejected if you don’t comply with all their terms, conditions and minimum requirements.

13. Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers is another community of marketer and influencers similar to the Growth. Just like in Growth you can ask a question or share your posts with the users.

The only difference is that your first post needs to be admin approved to check whether you spam or not.

This community also uses upvote and downvote system to rank the articles on the wall.

14. Klinkk

Klinkk is not the best but great blog aggregator where you can submit the links to your blog posts and if your blog stands on the first page then you’ll get many visitors to your website. Hence, giving a shot to Klinkk will not be a bad idea.

15. AffDaily

AffDaily is a niche based blog aggregator. Ass suggested by the name, it accepts the posts related to Affiliate Marketing. If your posts are also related to Affiliate Marketing you can give this aggregator a shot.

Similar to the Alltop, this aggregator also automatically publish your new blog post once it is published. Similarly, getting approval for this aggregator also might be difficult.

sites to promote blog posts

16. Tumblr

You can create a mini blog at tumbler and write a mini blog post on that blog mentioning your blog posts. If those posts ever come at the trending sections of tumbler then I bet you need to upgrade your web server for traffic handling.

17. WordPress

Same as like Tumbler. Create a free WordPress blog and share your links in that blog. If you ever get a chance to appear in the WordPress feed then your blog posts will get viral just like insane Tiktoks. This is also not a bad idea to promote your blog posts.

18. Medium

Many marketers and influencers use medium and publish their experience and case studies in medium and somewhere in the article they mention their blog posts. You also have to do same. You write one small FAQ article and mention your blog posts. Many people will read that mini post and come to read your article or to your blog from about section. It will drive the audience to your blog and also gives you SEO advantage.

19. Blogger

One of the most popular free blogging platform for the users who want to create a free blog. Same as another web 2.0 websites you should create a blog and mention your article out there.
traffic from social media

20. Quora

Quora is a huge community of every category people. You can find entrepreneurs, users, influencers, questioners, answerers and many other people in Quora.

In Quora, there are many people asking questions of many niches. So, what you’ve to do is find your niche and answer the question in reliable and suitable way by mentioning your article.

If your answer is great then it’ll get lots of Upvotes and more people will see it, eqquals to more audience for you as well.

21. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is also one of the best Question/ Answer sites. Same like as Quora many people ask questions there and you should be able to answer properly by mentioning your link in correct place.

22. Digital Point Forum

One of the most active online forum for bloggers. You can find and answer questions related to your article and simply mention your article over there as a reference or anything you want. That’s simple! Moreover, many marketers and influencers use Digital Point forum you are most likely to get social shares and quality feedbacks from them as well.

23. SitePoint Forum

Same as DigitalPoint, SitePoint forum is also a way too good forum. Same like we do, find questions related to your niche. And answer them mentioning your links. But be sure, you don’t spam in these forums.

24. StackOverflow

Wrote some Coding related article such as CSS, JavaScript Guide then Stack Overflow is best for you. People in this forum are way too hungry for answers related to this niche.

Find relevant questions suiting your article and mention your article. Like we always do in forums. This is the best place to promote blog posts.

25. Reddit

Unlike a forum, Reddit is the most active online community. There are subreddits for almost every category in the earth in Reddit. You can mention you article at relevant places.

If used properly Reddit can promote blog posts to thousands of readers overnight. But be careful, if you try to spam a little also, you’ll be permanently suspended from that SubReddit, so probably not a good idea to start by spamming.

26. Triberr

As mentioned in the name “Triberr”. It is the place where you create your tribe (group) and share links to that tribe. Others will follow your tribe and reach out to your valuable content.

viral buzz websites

27. Digg

Digg is a website where people share trending articles, videos, pictures & everything on the web. If your article is on today’s trends then this will get your server crashed. Many viral contents such as politics, tech news, the world today etc get very popular on this website.

28. Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee is the free platform for social media sharing helping you get more shares for your high-quality content. It is similar to social exchange websites but a bit different. You add your latest article there. Many people will read it and share it and as the matter of thank, you must thank them for sharing their article on your social media also. This is like share trading. This helps to increase your social signals.

29. Kingged

Same like Viral Content Bee, Kingged is the community to find bloggers in your niche. You should find and share other bloggers posts and post comments on their post. And same as you, they’ll share and post comments to your blog posts. This is just like the comment trading but the comments will be of very high quality and real with special values for your improvement.

30. Social Buzz Club

Social Buzz Club is the community of social media experts. They can mention your blog articles and share them on their social media. What you’ve to do is request them to do so and you’re done.

31. ScoopIT

A popular blog post sharing site, ScoopIT is a website where you can share your content with the targeted number of readers. I have a free & premium version but simply to promote your blog posts among the readers, free version should be good enough, they do recommend the premium version. Who doesn’t want money huh?

32. Blogger outreach

Another way to perfectly promote your article is to send emails to some well-known personalities of your niche saying you’ve written this article in this niche and want their review. I know most of them will neglect the message but even 10 out of 100 checked your post and shared it you’ll get lots of traffic. And, they will bring you very highly targeted audience.

33. Email Your Subscribers

I guess you’ve already started collecting email subscribers right? If not skip this point. What you have to do is as soon as you publish your article inform your subscribers about it.

If you want more subscribers to read your article then be sure to make that email notification short and with an appropriate title. Read how to increase email subscribers to increase your email subscribers.

34. Add Special Header

I guess you might have already noticed we added a special fixed header for displaying our great post about backlinks. If you use OptinMonster or ThriveLeads then you can do it with those plugins. However, if you want to do this with a free tool we recommend you to use the tool we use. The tool is called InTrigger. You’ll love this tool since this tool is highly customizable.

eDigitalEarth Header
Our Fixed Header

35. Guest Blogging

Being one of the great ways to create backlinks, guest blogging is also a great way to promote blog posts. If you had ever written articles on other websites then what you can do is edit that article a little and mention your article somewhere relevant. We also provide guest posting opportunities so you can start right now by contacting us.

36. Quote Experts

Many experts use tools like BuzzSumo to check where they’re mentioned and of course, they’ll check out your article. And, do you know the best part? You have 70% possibility that those articles share your article in case they read it. So, isn’t this the best way to promote your blog posts?

37. Mention Emails

Most probably many influencers automatically detect when they’re mentioned on the web. In case, they didn’t read your article you can email the influencers you’ve mentioned in the article. Say them you’ve mentioned them in an article and want their feedback on the article. Most probably, they’ll share your content if it was worth it.

38. Push Notifications

Many websites have already started using push notification. You can ask your visitors to subscribe to your push notifications. After this, you can send push notifications to all your subscribed users about your new posts and increase your blog traffic. This is far reliable than any blog promotion sites.

39. Encourage Your Readers to Share

You got 10,000 readers and even if 1% of them share your posts i.e 100 shares, what will happen? Those 100 readers may even drive you, extra 10,000 readers. So, write compelling conclusions and add extra facts, stories, quotes etc in your awesome article to more awesome and encourage your readers to share it on the social media, don’t forget to add a social sharing button in your posts

40. Ello

Once again, let’s move to blog promotion sites. Ello is the community for designers and artists. It’s never a problem to share your article in this community. However, if you are artist or designer then this is the best place to share your articles and gain awesome readers to your article.

41. Slideshare

SlideShare is the subsidiary of Linkedin. In this website, you should convert your articles to slide show (ppt document) and share it with millions of users. To promote your posts here, you should mention the link of your article in the description section of the slide share and you’ll gain extra visitors to your articles.

42. Flickr

Similar to SlideShare, Flickr is the photo sharing websites. You can create some awesome images over there. Also, don’t forget to mention the links of your latest articles on the description.

43. Sniply

What should you do here? Share… You have to use sniply to create links and it adds a CTA (Call to Action) in those links which link to your blog.

44. Del.icio.us

Del.icio.us is the place where you can save and manage the links you see online. You can ask readers to add your links to their Del.icio.us account and they can read those posts whenever they want. Also, it helps to create your identity among your readers so they’ll do visit your blog regularly.

45. Feedly

Feedly is the news aggregator for every niche people. It receives your content directly via your RSS feed and shares it with the interested readers. You should apply to Feedly to become a member of Feedly and to show your posts to Feedly users.

46. Bloglovin

Bloglovin is a bloggers community. You have to gain followers in bloglovin and submit your blog. After that, it automatically shares your newly published posts to all the people followed by you. This will bring you targeted readers to your posts.

47. Blog Comments

Commenting is the way how you receive or send feedback to the writer. You should comment on others posts by mentioning the link to your post in the URL section. Many people reading comments will visit your website through the comments. This will help to drive much-qualified traffic to your website. If you comment on many websites then one day you can even drive 1000+ traffic from there. And I’m not lying cause many bloggers are getting so.

48. Contact Known Influencers

If you’re for a long term in the business then you might’ve definitely known some fellow workers on the field. You can request those fellow workers to share your blog posts and since they’re also in the same niche they’ll drive lots of targeted readers to your blog. This will definitely increase your blog stats.

49. Ask Companies to Share

Are you writing a review article? A compare article? After the article is complete ask those companies you reviewed for a share. Since those companies are big companies they’ll have lots of readers which will be a big advantage for you. So ask those companies for shares.

50. Write Quality Content

Still quality content is the best. Why did I mention it last? Because this is actually not a blog promotion site or method but is a key player. Write quality content so that your readers, marketer & influencers will share your content with every people you know. So, always remember. “Content is always an undefeated king”.

Did you found appropriate blog promotion site for you?

All 50 points mentioned here are great blog promotion methods. Some of them are blog promotion sites and some are blog promotion ideas. You can use these methods to promote blog posts and see the results for yourself.

Now, did you learn what you wanted to learn in the first place? Did you found appropriate blog promotion site for your website? These measures will make your blog successful and will definitely increase your search engine rankings.

When you promote blog posts and drive many readers to your posts. Those readers include the normal reader. marketer, influencers & so on. Those people will share your articles on their social media and your social signals increases.

Now, time to recall those influencers. Usually, those influencers are the writer of huge magazines. And, if they liked your article too much who knows you’ll get quality backlinks from those magazines.

Since you get two major ranking factors, social signals and backlinks you’ll certainly rank high in search signals. Promoting Blog posts in the right way drives your highly targeted readers. These readers can also be your regular visitor. Hence, implement these methods to promote blog posts and increase your rankings too.

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